Momo Jojo: The Brand New Momo Place In Bangalore

When an eatery does all of these things…

  • Serves over 60 different variations of one of your favourite foods i.e. momos
  • Offers some innovative dishes like street bhel-style momos
  • Promises to be pocket-friendly
  • Is all-vegetarian
  • All of your foodie friends who visited are raving about it

… you’ve got to check them out, right? Right! So, that is exactly what I did.

I’m talking about Momo Jojo, the new momo place in town, which recently opened up in BTM Layout, after a good innings at JP Nagar and Koramangala. Recently, I was offered the opportunity to be part of a bloggers’ table at Momo Jojo’s spankin’ new BTM Layout outlet, and sample the menu – an opportunity that I absolutely had to grab with both hands!

I did go on to have a lovely, lovely experience here, and that is exactly what I am going to tell all of you about.

Location and ambience

The place is located in the midst of BTM Layout, not very difficult to locate.

The interior!

It is a small place, suitable for quick bites and not really suited to long meals and conversations. The eatery is well done up and colourful, and has a friendly, youthful vibe.


Momos of all sorts dominate the menu here. But of course! What else did you expect with a name like that? 🙂

Make your own momos!

Momo Jojo offers momos with different types of fillings – garlic cheese, mixed vegetables, mushroom onion, seasoned potato, paneer salsa, spinach cheese corn, spicy soya and peanut paneer. You can mix and match the filling you want for your momos with how you want them to be served – steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried, chilly-fied, tandoori, street bhel-style or sizzling. Now, how cool is that?! You can permutate and combine and make over 60 different versions of momos, like I said before – so you have something new to try out even if you visit the place over 60 times!

You can also make your own wok box – choose any one type of rice (from the many they have on offer), and choose a topping to go with it (of which they have many, too). Apart from this, Momo Jojo offers two signature desserts – Sizzling Brownie and Choco Bao. They also have two drinks that you can sip on while you attack your plate of momos – the Mango Tango and Iced Tea.

The food and drink story

Mango Tango and Iced Tea

I started the meal with Momo Jojo’s Mango Tango which is, basically, aam panna in a mason jar. The presentation was nice, and I absolutely loved the drink!

PicMonkey Collage
On the left: Mango Tango, On the right: Iced Tea

Some fellow food bloggers who opted for the Iced Tea told me it was lovely, too.

Momo sampler platter

Then, of course, we wanted to try out each one of those lovely-sounding fillings! So, we chose a sampler platter that included a couple of momos with every type of filling available, all steamed.

The momo sampler platter!

My personal favourites were the mixed vegetable, paneer salsa, garlic cheese and spinach cheese corn stuffings! The mushroom-onion was strictly okay. The peanut-paneer, seasoned potato and spicy soya were good, but I liked the ones I have mentioned earlier, better.

Another thing that I must mention here is that the momos at Momo Jojo are served with three different types of dips – mint, mustard-peanut, and chilli. All three dips tasted just gorgeous. The mustard-peanut dip is what you will commonly be served momos with in Nepal (as Ankit Agarwal, one of Momo Jojo’s partners, who hails from Nepal, told us), but is quite difficult to come across in Bangalore.

Assorted Pan-Fried Momos

Next up, we opted for a platter of pan-fried momos, with assorted fillings.

Assorted pan-fried momos

I much preferred the steamed version to the pan-fried one, but I fell in love with the garlic cheese, spinach cheese corn, paneer salsa and mixed vegetable stuffings all over again!

Spinach cheese corn momos, street bhel-style

Then, we were served bowls of spinach cheese corn momos in street bhel-style (Sandekho– or typical Nepali street food-style, we were told).

Spinach cheese corn momos in street bhel-style

This was oh so lovely – a burst of flavours in the mouth. There were potatoes, peanuts, coriander and lemon and all things that make for a lovely chaat, and momos, of course. I would never have thunk I would love a chaat with momos so much!

You have to try this out to believe just how delish it was – I urge you not to miss this whenever you visit Momo Jojo. I don’t think a momo chaat is available elsewhere in Bangalore either.

Assorted Tandoori Momos

Next, we were served momos with assorted fillings, done up in the tandoori style. These momos were served with some very delish slices of onion, over and above the three dips.

Assorted tandoori momos

The tandoori effect was absolutely lovely – the marinade was perfectly spiced and added beautifully to the taste of the momos instead of detracting from them. This is, again, something I would recommend you to try at Momo Jojo, for sure.

Momo Sizzler

Then, we chose a sizzler with garlic cheese momos on a bed of noodles (You can choose between rice and noodles), which was served with french fries on the side.

Garlic cheese momo sizzler with noodles

The sizzler was, again, absolutely scrumptious. The sauce that coated the momos was packed with flavour, and the noodles were thin and lovely, unlike the thick noodles that you typically get in a sizzler. This is another must-have at Momo Jojo, I say!

Wok Box

Next, we decided to sample one of their wok boxes, and opted for Schezwan rice with an Exotic Veggies topping.

Wok box with Schezwan rice and Exotic Veggies topping

This one was pretty average, most of us felt. Neither the rice nor the topping was anything special. But then, I wouldn’t choose a wok box in a place that primarily specialises in momos – I would choose momos any day!

Sizzling brownie and choco bao

We ended our meal at Momo Jojo by trying out both of the desserts they have on offer – Sizzling Brownie and Choco Bao.

PicMonkey Collage1.jpg
On the left: Sizzling Brownie, On the right: Choco Bao

Both of the desserts were lovely! The sizzling brownie was perfectly done, as was the choco bao. I loved, loved, loved the coconut-ty, chocolate-ey filling of the bao, though the outer shell was a wee bit tougher than it should be.


Everything on the menu at Momo Jojo is very reasonably priced, for the quality of food that they offer. A meal for two here would set you back by INR 350 or so.


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Momo Jojo. Most of the items we tried out were delish, and there’s a whole lot on the menu that we need to try out, still. This is definitely a place I’ll be visiting again and again, and dragging the husband to, too.

Good job, Team Momo Jojo!

You guys, do visit this place to satiate all your momo cravings and more!


  1. This meal was served to us free of cost, in exchange for an honest review. The views expressed in this post are entirely my own, not influenced by anything or anyone.
  2. Because I’ve never had a chaat with momos before, it goes to my list of crazy food stuff that I’ve tried at different places.Would you like to know about the other things on the list? Here you go! Raindrop cake,
    ice cream sandwich and momo sizzlerDoodh colasea salt chocolatechandan sherbetmomo burger and chocolate momoice cream rollsice cream chaatbhoo chakra gadderasgulla chaatchilli chocolate,fried ice cream, and paper sweet.

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