Of Some Zany Momo Innovations: Lunching at Wow! Momo

The husband and I love momos, especially the street-side ones that are sold by vendors from the North East. We love everything about momos – from their paper-thin covering to the way you get them with a variety of stuffings and the fiery sauce they are eaten with, though the latter does give me some amount of heartburn. We just can’t resist them. 🙂

I find a plate of momos to be the perfect antidote to those hunger pangs that strike in the evening, when you crave for something hot and spicy and sinful, but which isn’t deep-fried. The maida covering of the momos isn’t very healthy, I understand, but then at least they are just steamed – that’s how I console myself on the days when I go for a walk and end up buying a plate of momos instead.

I even tried making momos at home once, and was rewarded with good enough results. I am yet to try out some healthier versions, though – like momos with rice or wheat flour.

I digressed. The point of this post was to tell you guys about our visit to the Wow! Momo outlet in Marathahalli over the weekend. I had heard so much about the wonderful things these guys do with momos – I really don’t know what stopped us from visiting for so long! Well, the thing is we did visit over the weekend, and were stunned by the food.

The food

We ordered a momo burger aka MoBurg (yes, that zany!), which came with a fried momo inside a bun, accompanied by mayo and some other sauces. Though a little skeptical about trying it out, it turned out to be absolutely lovely. The momo and the bun were soft and succulent, and the sauces and mayo added just the right amount of naughtiness to the dish.

MoBurg at Wow! Momo

The outlet serves pan-fried momos in a couple of different sauces. We opted for the pan-fried momos in Schezwan sauce. Again, these were nice and succulent, and the sauce was super flavourful. I loved this one to bits.

Pan-fried momos with Schezwan sauce at Wow! Momo

Next, we ordered a thukpa – a Tibetan noodle soup – that we have always been keen on trying out. It turned out to be simple but tasty, hot and loaded with vegetables, and just the thing we needed at the moment.

Thukpa at Wow! Momo

For dessert, we ordered a couple of their Chocolate Momos. They came generously doused with gooey chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings, with a filling of chocolate brownie or cake, I couldn’t tell. They did taste good, though both the husband and I felt that chocolate didn’t really go well with the momo shell – some things are best left savoury, and momos are that sort of thing. Also, the outer covering was a tad hard and chewy, as if the momos had been prepared in advance and frozen. That was something we didn’t like.

Chocolate momo at Wow! Momo

We didn’t try out the regular fare there – like mushroom momos and the vegetable ones, but I hear they are really good too. Next time, maybe? And, yes, there definitely is going to be a next time here. 🙂

The ambience

This particular Wow! Momo outlet is a tiny one, located within the More Megastore. It is manned by a single person, and I doubt any cooking happens at the outlet itself. Maybe the food is prepared elsewhere and just heated up and served here? That was also a bit of a turn-off for us, really.

As for the ambience, there is none. The outlet has just two tables, that too beneath the store’s staircase. Not a fancy place at all, so please be okay with that if you plan to visit!

The prices

We felt the prices were slightly on the higher side here. This meal cost us close to INR 350. At a roadside stall, though, four plates of momos would have cost us just about INR 200 or so, sans the innovations of course.

Innovation-wise, I give the outlet full marks.

Other outlets

This particular outlet did not stock the Momo Sizzler and Tandoori Momos that we have heard a whole lot about and which we were highly interested in trying out. So, we were disappointed on that count. We were told we might find these two dishes at the Wow! Momo outlets in Phoenix Market City, Whitefield or Orion Mall, Malleshwaram.

I have a feeling these two outlets (Whitefield and Malleshwaram) would be equipped with a proper kitchen, and that the food would be cooked on the spot and would be fresh. No personal experience of that, though I can’t wait to find out.

Have you eaten at a Wow! Momo outlet? What was your experience like?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but a rendering of personal experience eating at this food joint. We paid for the meal ourselves, and are not party to any kind of gain by recommending the outlet to you.


We have never had anything as zany as a momo burger or a chocolate momo, ever. So, these two definitely make it to the list of crazy food stuff we have tried out so far.

Interested in reading about the other seemingly crazy things we have tried out so far? Here you go: Chandan sherbet, chocolate with sea salt, dark chocolate sandwich, ice cream chaat, bhoo chakra gadde, rasgulla chaat, chilli chocolate, fried ice cream, and paper sweet.:)


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