Happy Icecreaming At The Right Moo, Bangalore

I was sold the minute I read the name of the newest ice cream parlour in HSR Layout, a few days ago, casually passing by. It is called The Right Moo – brilliant, ain’t it? I had the feeling that the parlour’s offerings would be equally brilliant, too. What intrigued me further about The Right Moo is that it claims to sell ‘100% organic ice creams’ and to be ‘India’s first organic ice cream’.

We absolutely had to go and check out the place over the weekend.I’m glad we decided to go visit went, because we simply loved the two ice creams we sampled at The Right Moo. We can’t wait to go back for more!

The Right Moo‘s organic milk is quite famous among health-conscious people in Madras, apparently, as my cousin who lives there tells me. It is a new name in Bangalore, though – in fact, the HSR Layout outlet opened just two days ago. This apart, The Right Moo has also opened up two more outlets in Bangalore.

This sign greeted us at the door to the ice cream parlour

I loved the look of the parlour – simple and functional, nothing too fancy. The seating area has a decent capacity, and seats are comfortable.

The recently inaugurated parlour in HSR Layout

The outlet sells ice cream scoops, cold coffee, milk shakes, ice cream rolls (something I haven’t come across anywhere else!), sundaes, tetra packs of organic milk, organic chocolates and aam ras.

Considering that the parlour is very new, they only had a few basic flavours on offer when we visited. More flavours are supposed to come in in the next week. We noticed that there are a maximum of four or five flavours available in each category (scoops, milk shakes, ice cream rolls and sundaes, basically) – mostly classic ones like mango, chocolate, coconut, chikoo, and strawberry.

We opted for a single Tiramisu scoop first. (BTW, I love that the parlour has a size called ‘On The Fence’ for people who cannot decide between a single scoop and a double! Cute!)

Single Tiramisu scoop at The Right Moo

Our Tiramisu scoop was creamy and succulent – absolutely flavourful. The coffee and chocolate tastes in the ice cream were perfectly balanced.

Next up, we ordered Mango Ice Cream Rolls, the preparation of which was a delight to watch.

Spreading out the base ice cream – a simple milk ice cream
Spreading it out thinner
Adding mango-flavoured syrup
Making the rolls
The mango ice cream rolls, served drizzled with organic honey

I loved these rolls – again, they were creamy and satisfying and delicious. They weren’t very mango-ey, though – we were told that that was because the base ice cream used for all ice cream rolls was a simple milk-based one, which is filled with syrup of whatever flavour you order, and then rolled up.

The husband felt that the base milk ice cream was a bit too milky, but it suited my taste buds just fine. I also loved how these rolls were served in an eco-friendly dish!

We sampled the mango ice cream scoop (different from the one used in making the rolls) – a deep yellow – and it was beautiful! It was intensely mango-ey, a burst of flavour in the mouth, just the way you would expect real mango ice cream to be.

It is great to know that these ice creams don’t contain any of the harmful components that might be present in an ordinary ice cream.

A sign at The Right Moo

The prices are at par with fun ice cream brands like Pabrais and Cream & Stone. We paid about INR 200 for the two confections that we ordered. Honestly, I don’t mind paying up a bill like that (it isn’t too hefty, it is at par with other, similar ice cream brands) if it means peace of mind and satisfaction at eating completely organic and chemical-free ice creams.

Like I said before, the husband and I can’t wait to go back to this place again, and sample all the other goodies that they have to offer.

Do grab a couple of ice creams (or shakes or sundaes or waffles, for that matter!) whenever you spot a The Right Moo outlet. Highly recommended!

Find them on Facebook here.


1. The dishes we tasted at The Right Moo were completely paid for by us, personally.

2. The views expressed in this post are entirely my own, not influenced by anyone.

3. I do not stand to receive any sort of gain by recommending these confectioneries to you.

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