Gallery: 10 Most Cherished Thailand Memories

It is no secret that I have a special soft corner in my heart for Thailand; I have waxed eloquent about this on the blog often enough. The Land of Smiles is where the husband and I honeymooned, back in 2009. It is the place where we prayed for a daughter. It is the place we celebrated our daughter’s fourth birthday, keeping our promise to the Emerald Buddha to come back once we had a child. The country has given us several fond memories to look back upon and cherish and, needless to say, I would love to visit again.

As Thailand gears up to open international travel, I take this opportunity to share with you all some precious moments in the country that we hold close to our hearts. I have my fingers (and toes) crossed for the pandemic to ease soon, so we are free to fly to distant lands and explore them without fear. I can’t wait to rediscover our favourite Thai haunts, and ourselves in the process.

Until then, here is a glimpse of some special moments from our holidays in Thailand so far.

Being a part of Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival

We were lucky to experience the Nine Emperor Gods Festival (aka Vegetarian Festival) in Thailand, which falls in September-October every year. Most of Thailand goes vegetarian/vegan for the 9 days of the festival. Vegetarian/vegan foods are on sale everywhere. The picture depicts colourful Thai desserts available for sale at the Siam Paragon mall, Bangkok, during the festival.

The grand launch of Terminal 21

We were witness to the grand opening of the stunning Terminal 21 mall in Pattaya. The turnout of locals for the occasion was enormous, their passion for shopping infectious.

Immersing into Thai culture

During our holidays in Thailand, we have caught several traditional music and dance performances at various tourist destinations in Thailand. This beautiful dance ceremony was at the Noong Noch Village, Pattaya. Enchanting is the word.

Walking amidst the ruins of Ayutthaya

It was a goosebump-inducing experience, walking amidst the ruins of temples in Ayutthaya, where hundreds of thousands of souls have walked before us.

Getting up, close and personal with feathered friends at Safari World

It’s not every day that you have a colourful parrot feeding out of your hands! This was one of our best memories at Safari World, Bangkok, amidst many others. I think I enjoyed this more than my little daughter did.

Experiencing the splendour of Thai cuisine

I adore Thai cuisine, with its bold and beautiful flavours, and am so glad to have experienced it in all its authenticity. On our last trip to Thailand, this plate of sticky rice and mango was the first thing we gorged on, the moment after landing at Suvarnabhoomi Airport.

The wonders of underwater life

Underwater life has always fascinated me. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the opportunity to get up, close and personal with it at Sea Life, Bangkok.

Peaceful sunsets on the Pattaya beach

I love the vibes of Pattaya beach, calm and soothing as they are. We experienced many a quiet sunset here, which relaxed us to the core.

Being one with the elephants at Elephant Safari

Being one with the elephants at the Elephant Safari in Pattaya was quite something! We fed them, bathed them, took pics with them, and made paper out of their poop.

Marvelling at the stunningly beautiful Thai temples

Thailand has some awe-inspiringly beautiful temples, which I can spend hours admiring. This is at the extremely serene and lovely Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya.

This is my entry for the #BlogYourThailand contest conducted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, India. The theme I have chosen is ‘Rediscover’.


16 thoughts on “Gallery: 10 Most Cherished Thailand Memories

  1. Priya you made me travel with you to Thailand. Such a beautiful place and eye catching pictures. It is one of my dream destination to visit.

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  2. Very nice write up Priya, it’s been long we r planning to visit Thailand. You have very lovely memories, I love all your Thai recipes. All the pictures Nd memories you shared shows your love for Thailand. Wish we check all the places you mentioned soon πŸ₯°.

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  3. While reading this I got a clear glimpse of what I can enjoy when I am in Thailand.. very nicely written with beautiful pics..hopefully I soon get a chance to visit Thailand.

    Liked by 1 person

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