Cheese Vegetable Grilled Sandwich

Sandwiches are a huge favourite in India, a popular choice for breakfast, a working lunch, a tea-time snack or a light dinner. It is a common street-side food as well. Today, I am going to share with you all the recipe for Cheese Vegetable Grilled Sandwich, one of my most favourites. It is just the perfect weather for the rainy, overcast weather we are having here in Bangalore at the moment.

Cheese Vegetable Grilled Sandwich

Can a Cheese Vegetable Grilled Sandwich be healthy?

I believe sandwiches often wrongly get the rap for being junk food and unhealthy. Well, they can be healthy too, if you use the right sort of ingredients! Use a whole wheat bread (without added sugar if you please), loads of vegetables, non-processed butter and cheese, and a preservative-free (or home-made tomato ketchup), and they become relatively (if not completely) guilt-free.

That is exactly what I have done here, except for the cheese. I have used slices of DLecta’s Melto cheese here, which are processed, but super melt-y. Can you see it oozing out of the sandwich in the picture above? They are specially designed for easy melting, which makes them perfect for use in things like burgers and sandwiches. #NotSponsored

There are a few bakeries making preservative-free, whole wheat bread in Bangalore, and I used the one from Lluvia Bakery. I have used salted butter from Akshayakalpa and preservative-free tomato ketchup from Heinz. #NotSponsored

How to make Cheese Vegetable Grilled Sandwich

Here is how I make the sandwich. It’s so easy to put together!

Ingredients (makes 4 sandwiches):

1. 8 slices of bread

2. Salted butter, as needed

3. Green chutney, as needed

4. 1 small onion

5. 1 small tomato

6. 1 small capsicum

7. 1 small seedless cucumber

8. 4 cheese slices

9. Tomato ketchup, as needed

10. Chaat masala, as needed, for garnishing


Top left and right: Steps 1 and 2, Bottom left and right: Steps 3 and 4

1. Peel the onion and chop into thin slices. Chop the tomato and cucumber into thin slices too. Remove stem, seeds and core from the capsicum and chop into thin slices too. Keep ready.

2. Spread butter on one slice of bread and green chutney on another.

3. Place a few slices of capsicum on top of the bread slice with chutney on it, keeping the chutney side up. Place a slice of onion on it, and a couple of slices of tomato on top of this. Arrange a few cucumber slices evenly on top of the other veggies.

Top left and right: Steps 4 and 5, Bottom right and left: Steps 6 and 7

4. Place a cheese slice on top of the veggies.

5. Drizzle some tomato ketchup on top of the cheese slice, and some chaat masala on top of this.

6. Now, cover the sandwich using the slice of bread that is buttered, butter side down.

7. Grill the sandwich on a pan, till the tops turn brown and crisp. Take care to ensure that the sandwich does not burn. You could also use a sandwich maker to do so. Your Cheese Vegetable Grilled Sandwich is ready – serve it hot.

8. Use all the bread slices to prepare sandwiches in the same manner.

Other sandwich recipes I’m fond of

We are a sandwich-loving family, and I make many different types at home. There is a plethora of sandwich recipes on my blog, too. Take for example this Bombay Sandwich, this Cheese And Curried Babycorn Sandwich, this Subway-Style Veggie Delight Sandwich, these Bun Sandwiches made in 4 different ways, and this Hot & Sweet Sandwich.

While we are on the subject of sandwiches, I so want to try out this Chocolate Sandwich With Peanut Butter from Sasmita’s blog, First Timer Cook. I’m a huge fan of the chocolate sandwiches we get at Hari Super Sandwich in Bangalore, and this sounds quite similar!

Tips & Tricks

1. I have used whole wheat bread here. You can use any type of bread you prefer.

2. I have used slices of DLecta’s Melto cheese, but you may use any other variety instead too. You can use grated cheese instead of the slices I have used here, too.

3. Cucumber, onion, tomato and capsicum are the only vegetables I use in this sandwich. You may use boiled beetroot and/or potato, steamed sweet corn and olives too.

4. I have used home-made green chutney here. Head to this post for the recipe.

5. For sandwiches, I prefer using English/European cucumber – what is locally called ‘seedless cucumber’. This variety has very few or no seeds, is crisp and tasty and suits perfectly in a sandwich.

6. This recipe is completely vegetarian, but not vegan (plant-based). It is not gluten-free either.

7. I don’t cut off the edges of the bread slices, while making sandwiches. You may do so if you prefer.

Did you like this recipe? Do tell me, in your comments!

14 thoughts on “Cheese Vegetable Grilled Sandwich

  1. Pls pass me that plate of yummy gooey cheese grilled sandwich. Vegetable loaded grill sandwich is a weakness for both of us at home and we simply love them crisp and slathered with butter .


  2. Cheese vegetable grilled sandwich looks super tempting . I agree with you that sandwiches can be made healthy at home and enjoyed guilt free. A delightful treat for sandwich lovers.


  3. Simple and so delicious cheesy sandwich grilled to perfection with fresh veggies .. love to have it with a cup of creamy cappuccino.


  4. Cheesy grilled vegetable sandwiches are my son’s favorite snack. I make it for him atleast once every week. They make such a healthy and delicious treat!


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