Verkadalai Ladu| Peanut Laddoo With Jaggery

Peanuts and jaggery are a match made in heaven. The two ingredients taste absolutely heavenly together, and when sesame seeds, coconut and ghee enter the equation – well, the taste is mind-blowing! These are the very ingredients that come together in the making of the Peanut Laddoos that I’m sharing today. These are balls of bliss, alright!

A closer look at these Verkadalai Ladu or Peanut Laddoo

Verkadalai Ladu (Tamil for ‘peanut laddoos’) are very, very simple to prepare. It requires minimal cooking, and can be made within a matter of minutes. They are perfectly suited for festivals, poojas and similar occasions and, like I was saying earlier, are utterly delicious.

The ingredients used in these Verkadalai Ladu contain ‘good fats’, and there’s no refined sugar involved. There is very little ghee that goes in. The laddoos are rich in iron and protein, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are relatively healthy sweet treats.

These laddoos are quite kid-friendly, too. Everyone at home loves these laddoos, the bub included. I made a batch for Ganesh Chaturthi recently, and the box was wiped clean within a couple of days. πŸ™‚

Peanut Laddoo recipe for A-Z Recipe Challenge

I’m sharing this recipe for Peanut Laddoos in association with the A-Z Recipe Challenge.

The A-Z Recipe Challenge is undertaken by a group of enthusiastic food bloggers. Every month, we share dishes cooked using an ingredient starting from one letter of the English alphabet. The letter of the month is P, for which I chose to present this dish made using ‘peanuts’.

I joined the A-Z Recipe Challenge group when they were doing the letter B, and I had shared our family recipe for Beetroot Poriyal then. I have come a long way with this group, sharing a recipe for Oat Milk Payasam for the letter O last month.

How to make Verkadalai Ladu

Here’s how I go about it.

Ingredients (makes 12-14 laddoos):

  1. 1 cup peanuts
  2. 1/2 cup dessicated coconut
  3. 1/4 cup sesame seeds
  4. 3/4 cup jaggery powder
  5. 1 tablespoon ghee or as needed, slightly warm


1. Roast the peanuts on medium flame, in a heavy-bottomed pan, for 4-5 minutes. Take care to ensure that they do not burn. The peanuts should begin to start browning. Transfer to a plate and allow them to cool down completely.

2. Now, dry roast the sesame seeds and dessicated coconut together in the same pan for 1-2 minutes or till the ingredients start browning. Transfer to a plate and allow them to cool down fully.

3. When the peanuts have fully cooled down, rub them between your palms to get off the skin. Blow on the peanuts to discard the skin.

4. Take the de-skinned roasted peanuts in a mixer jar. Add in the roasted and cooled sesame seeds and dry coconut. Pulse to an almost-fine, just slightly coarse powder, stopping at intervals to mix up the ingredients with a spoon.

5. Transfer the ground powder to a plate. Mix the jaggery powder well.

6. Add in just enough warm ghee to bring the mixture to a malleable consistency. Shape into balls using your hands. Transfer the laddoos to a clean, dry, air-tight box.

Are these laddoos vegan and gluten-free?

These Peanut Laddoos are entirely vegetarian and gluten-free. However, due to the addition of ghee, they are not vegan or plant-based.

To make a vegan version, you could use a plant-based butter instead of the ghee. I have not tried that out, though.

Tips & Tricks

1. I prefer pulsing the roasted ingredients till they reach an almost-fine, just slightly coarse consistency. You can grind everything to a smoother consistency if you so prefer.

2. Take care not to burn the ingredients while roasting them.

3. Adjust the quantity of jaggery you use as per personal taste preferences.

4. I have used jaggery powder here. If you are using solid jaggery, you would need to pound it to a powder.

5. A bit of cardamom powder can be added to the laddoos, too. I haven’t, here.

6. The ghee needs to be a bit warm, when you add it to the roasted ingredients. Add in just enough to bind the ingredients into laddoos. I needed about 1 tablespoon. The oil from the peanuts is just about enough to bind the laddoos.

7. Make sure all the roasted ingredients completely cool down, before grinding them.

8. These Verkadalai Ladu can be stored at room temperature for up to a week. They should be stored in a clean, dry, air-tight box.

9. I have used store-bought dessicated coconut powder. This refers to finely shredded and dried coconut.

10. You can use fresh coconut instead of the dessicated coconut too, but the shelf life of the laddoos decreases to 3-4 days in that case.

Did you like this recipe? Do tell me in your comments!


55 thoughts on “Verkadalai Ladu| Peanut Laddoo With Jaggery

  1. The combination of peanuts and jaggery goes so well. Lovely laddoo recipe for Ganesh Chaturthi Prasadam. I alway slike jaggery sweets and will make them sometime soon.


  2. You are right. Peanut and jaggery are a match made in heaven. I also love peanut chikki or patti with peanut and jaggery. These laddu sounds super healthy and delish. Loved that you used only 1 tablespoon ghee. A perfect treat for kids and adults both.


  3. I like that these are refined sugar free.. I make til ladoos exactly the same way (without making the vella paagam :p) and this is being bookmarked to try soon !


  4. I loved this recipe of yours. The combination of peanuts and jaggery is my favorite that’s why I love chikki but had never heard of peanut laddu. Saving to try it this winter. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


  5. Peanut laddoo is one of my favourite treat during my childhood days. My mom’s version is slightly different without sesame seeds. I will definitely try your version when I make the next batch. Laddoo in the pic looks perfect and is so tempting!


  6. The combination of peanut and jaggery sounds good Priya. Being refined sugar free these are a healthy option.
    Me too dislike the part of removing the skin from peanuts. But it becomes worthy when it turns into delicious Ladoos like this.


  7. Priya love these peanut laddoos with jaggery. I usually have to make peanut laddoos for Navratri prasadam but make them with powdered sugar. The only part I hate about making these laddoos is the amount of time it takes to remove the skin from the roasted peanuts. One cup sounds so doable.


  8. Peanut and jaggery ladoos look inviting! I love ladoos, such a versatile treat i would say! These refined sugar-free ones are such a healthy and guilt-free snack!


  9. Peanut ladoo is one of my favorite go-to snacks. It’s healthy and very filling. The ladoo looks so good. With the addition of coconut, it must have been more delicious.


  10. There can be no second thought….Peanut and jaggery are a match made in heaven….Period!! These laddu looks super delicious & are healthy too. A perfect guilt free treat for all age groups.


  11. I like the fact that you have kept the textural crunch of the peanuts here with the coarse grind. The recipe sounds easy and wonderful, soon it will be on my table for teatime.


  12. I wish I could just pick that up and have a bite of one. It sounds so delicious, nutty, sweet just in the correct way…


  13. Just few ingredients and the result is yummy ladoos. Festive season has just started and these peanut ladoos are just perfect for this season. I would love to have them anytime of the year though


  14. You are right Priya, peanuts and jaggery make a classic combo and you cannot go wrong when you are using them in a dessert like ladoo. With coconut and sesame seeds also going in, these ladoos will make a perfect winter breakfast with a glass of milk.


  15. These laddoos look perfect. Can’t wait to try them. I have never tried these ladoos with peanut with jaggery, it sounds interesting, will try this method.


  16. Peanuts and Jaggery is the combination that goes hand in hand especially during festive season and winters we make barfi. The ladoo looks delicious and great way to treat your sweet tooth.


  17. What not to love about these delicious laddus. Peanut, jaggery, seasame, coconut all the super food in a small laddu, a perfect bite of nutrition and flavor. A perfect mid day snack. Loved the recipe.


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