Pudina Pulav| Mint Vegetable Rice

I love the freshness that mint (‘pudina‘ in local parlance) adds to a dish. The addition of the green leaves, sort of, seems to bring food to life, both in terms of fragrance and flavour. I’m fond of adding fresh mint leaves to quite a few things, but my most favourite thing to use them in is Pudina Pulav or Mint Vegetable Rice. I’m here today with a family recipe for this rice dish!

I learnt how to make Mint Vegetable Rice from my sister-in-law when I was a newlywed. This is a pulav with a South Indian bent, quite popular in restaurants and homes in this part of the country. It has always been a favourite in the husband’s family, and remains so till date. No wonder why, considering it is such an easy-peasy one-pot recipe, yet manages to be a flavour bomb. It can be made using very little oil, too. Pudina Pulav is comfort food for the husband, and is often the dish I cook on lazy days when I don’t want to put in too much of an effort.

We usually make this rice dish in a pressure cooker, with whatever vegetables are available. You can make it in a pan minus the veggies too. It will still be just as delicious, just as beautiful. Pair it with some curd or raita, and a hearty meal is ready.

In itself, the Pudina Pulav is a completely plant-based, vegan food. It is entirely gluten-free too.

Swaty of Food Trails suggested #Herbalicious as the theme for the Foodie Monday Blog Hop this week, wherein we are required to share recipes using various herbs. This gave me just the perfect foil to share this favourite recipe from our family’s cookbooks.

Let’s now check out the recipe for Pudina Pulav. I’m sharing this recipe with Fiesta Friday #287, the co-hosts this week being Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook and Rita @ Parsi Cuisine.

Ingredients (serves 4):

  1. 1 cup rice
  2. 1 medium-sized carrot
  3. 1 medium-sized onion
  4. 5-6 beans
  5. 1/4 cup green peas
  6. 1 medium-sized potato
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Red chilli powder to taste (optional)
  9. 1/2 tablespoon oil
  10. 2-3 green cardamom
  11. 2-3 cloves
  12. A 1-inch piece of cinnamon
  13. 2 small bay leaves
  14. 2-3/4 cups water

To grind into a paste:

  1. 2 green chillies
  2. 2 tablespoons fresh grated coconut
  3. A handful of fresh coriander leaves
  4. A handful of fresh mint leaves
  5. A 1-inch piece of ginger
  6. 5-6 cloves of garlic
  7. A small onion


1. First, we will grind the paste required to make this pulav. Chop up the mint and coriander leaves roughly and take them in a mixer jar. Peel the ginger and onion, chop roughly and add to the mixer jar too. Add in the grated coconut. Chop up the green chillies, peel the garlic cloves, and add these in too. Grind everything to a smooth paste with a little water. Keep aside.

2. Now, we will chop the veggies required for the pulav. Remove strings from the beans and chop into large pieces. Peel the potato and carrot, and chop into large pieces. Slice the onion length-wise. Keep aside.

3. Wash the rice under running water a couple of times. Drain out all the water. Keep aside.

4. Take the oil in a pressure cooker base and keep it on high heat. When the oil gets hot, add the cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and bay leaves to the cooker. Let them stay in for a couple of seconds.

5. Now, add in all the veggies we prepared earlier. Add in the green peas too. Saute for a minute.

6. Add in the washed and drained rice, as well as the paste we ground earlier. Saute for a minute.

7. Add in 2.5 cups of water, plus salt to taste. Add a dash of red chilli powder if the heat from the green chillies is not enough. Mix well.

8. Close the pressure cooker and put the weight on. Pressure cook for 3 whistles on high flame. Let the pressure release naturally.

9. Once the pressure has fully gone down, serve the Mint Vegetable Rice hot with raita of your choice.


1. You may add a little garam masala and/or lemon juice to the pulav too. I don’t, usually.

2. Ghee can be used in making the pulav, in place of the oil.

3. Adjust the quantity of water you use, depending upon the kind of rice you use. I have used Sona Masoori rice here.

4. I have used a 5-litre pressure cooker to make this Pudina Pulav.

5. Cashewnuts can be added to the Mint Vegetable Rice too, especially if you are making it for a special occasion. I usually don’t.


Did you like this recipe? Do tell me, in your comments!

28 thoughts on “Pudina Pulav| Mint Vegetable Rice

  1. This is EXACtly how I make it too. Especially with the coconut – mint paste. Been a while since I cooked this version at home. And yes I do add in veggies everytime 🙂


  2. Mint pulao with coconut and green chilies is indeed a simple yet flavoful rice dish. I love to pair it with lemon pickle, papadam and raita.


  3. Pudina Pulao truly sounds like the flavour bomb!! love such flavourful one pot meals. I make it almost the same way just do not add coconut to it..it must have added a nutty flavour to it!


  4. Mint pulao looks so refreshing and delicious. I too make this often in quite similar way except coconut. I also add some spinach sometimes.


  5. Pudina pulao looks very colorful and tasty Priya. I never added onion in preparing paste, will try it soon. I just love this flavored rice more than veg rice. Loved your version of mint pulao:)


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