Nungu Sherbet| Ice Apple Lemonade With Rose

Today, I present to you the recipe for Nungu Sherbet, a delectable juice made using the flesh of the ice apple. Ice apples by themselves are a great thirst quencher, and they are utterly lovely when used in this drink. The combined forces of ice apples, rose and lemon used here make this juice an ultimately refreshing one, simply perfect for the hot days of summer.

Ice apples are an exotic fruit for many across the world, but quite a common summer delight in India. Well, at least in a few parts of India, especially the South, ice apples are hugely popular as a thirst quencher. I like to think of the fruit as nature’s way of making sure that we stay hydrated in the hot days of summer. Called ‘tadgola‘ in Hindi, ‘nungu‘ in Tamil and ‘thati nungu‘ in Kannada, ice apples are actually the fruit of the Palmyra tree.


The various stages of the ice apple! Top left: A street-side vendor selling bunches of ice apple; Bottom left: A close-up of whole ice apples; Top right: Ice apples, after being extracted from the whole fruit; Bottom right: A peeled ice apple

The most common way of consuming ice apples is by peeling away the thin skin over it and eating the tender flesh inside, raw. Ice apple flesh is also used in making several delicacies in India – Nungu Sherbet, Nungu Paal (milk) and Nungu Payasam (kheer) in Tamil Nadu, for instance, and taal-er-bora or palmyra fritters in Bengal. The sap from the palmyra tree is also consumed – called ‘padhaneer‘ in Tamil. Both the ice apple flesh and the sap are believed to be full of health benefits.

Ice apples can be a pain to peel but, trust me, the gorgeous taste of the fruit is worth every bit of it. Once you have the fruit peeled and ready, it is super easy to make Nungu Sherbet or Ice Apple Lemonade With Rose. I have used home-made rose syrup here, so I can control the amount of sugar and the quality of ingredients going into my sherbet.

Now, without further ado, let’s check out the recipe for this supremely delicious and refreshing Nungu Sherbet!

Ingredients (serves 2):

  1. 4-5 tender ice apples
  2. 1/4 cup rose syrup
  3. About 1-1/2 cups chilled water
  4. Juice of 1/2 lemon


  1. Peel the ice apples and chop the flesh into cubes. Keep ready.
  2. Take the water in a large mixing bowl. Add in the lemon juice and rose syrup. Mix well.
  3. Pour the rose-lemon water equally into two tall juice glasses.
  4. Top the glasses with the chopped ice apple. Serve immediately.


  1. I have used home-made rose syrup to make this Nungu Sherbet. Here’s how I made the rose syrup. You can use a store-bought version instead, too.
  2. You can use a different-flavoured syrup in place of rose syrup too. Nannari (sarsaparilla) syrup, for instance, or khus (vetiver) syrup.
  3. For best results, use ice apples that are tender but a bit firm, not the ones that are overly tender or rock hard. You will find these easier to peel and chop up, to make the Nungu Sherbet.
  4. Use chilled water to make this Nungu Sherbet. I prefer using water that has been chilled in an earthen pot, rather than using refrigerated water.

Did you like this recipe? Do tell me, in your comments!


Foodie Monday Blog Hop

This recipe is for the Foodie Monday Blog Hop. Every Monday, the participants of this group share recipes based on a pre-determined theme. The theme this week – suggested by Amrita of The Food Samaritan – is #ThirdLetterMagic, wherein all of us have to share a recipe beginning from the third letter of our names. Since my name is Priya, I got the letter ‘I’ and decided to present this Ice Apple Lemonade With Rose.
I’m also sharing this post with Fiesta Friday #275. The co-hosts this week are Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook and Laurena @ Life Diet Health.

20 thoughts on “Nungu Sherbet| Ice Apple Lemonade With Rose

  1. I soo wish that I could eat this tender coconut right away. Just love them and you have made a drink from it with rose syrup and ice apple, I want to grab it off the screen.


  2. We do not get ice apples here in Punjab, but the pelled fruit looks like lichi. Paired with rose syrup the sharbet must be a refreshing Summer treat !


  3. Ice Apple sharbat is perfect drink to beat the heat. I miss ice apple here. You made me nostalgic with this recipe.Remembered good old days in Vizag where we used to have Ice Apple regularly during summer.


  4. Just before I was leaving Bangalore saw a vendor at a corner in HSR selling them. I didn’t know what they looked from outside, now I know. I had tasted once in Mumbai at my sister in law’s place but it was already peeled. Such a lovely drink you’ve made with nungu.


  5. brings back memories of Summer and the Nungu man selling his wares on a rickety bicycle. my little one tasted this for the first time, and loved it ! the sherbet is very inviting Priya πŸ™‚


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