Old Favourites From Made In Punjab Now Back At BBQ’D!

Made In Punjab Revival At BBQ’D

Old-time foodies from Bangalore will remember Made In Punjab in UB City. It used to be quite an institution back in the days, known for its authentic Punjabi food and unconventional twists to traditional dishes. About a year ago, Made In Punjab got rebranded as BBQ’D, and everything from the look of the restaurant to the menu changed. However, it so happened that Made In Punjab refused to get out of people’s minds. Patrons kept asking for their favourite foods at Made In Punjab over and over again, so much so that the management recently decided to add them back in the BBQ’D menu! 🙂

The ambience at BBQ’D

Along with a bunch of other foodies from the city, I had the opportunity to check out this ‘Made In Punjab Revival Menu’ at BBQ’D, just a few days ago. I absolutely loved most of the fare we were served, amidst sips of some of BBQ’D signature mocktails. Chef Mahabir Pundir, Head Chef at BBQ’D, has been spearheading this ‘Made In Punjab Revival’, and I must say he has done a brilliant job of it.

Chef Mahabir Pundir, who served us with remarkable hospitality and warmth

What did we try out?

Mocktails and other drinks

Watermelon Shikanjeevi: The ordinary watermelon juice has been taken to a whole new level with this shikanjeevi! With the addition of chaat masala and some other fragrant spices, this was one bomb of a drink, and I loved it to bits. I appreciate the fact that real watermelon juice has been used here, rather than something out of a bottle.

Kesar Pisteywali Lassi: The Kesar Pisteywali Lassi is a drink that has been re-introduced to the menu, from the Made In Punjab days, on popular demand. One sip of it, and you know exactly why it was so much in demand – it is sinfully rich and creamy, served with a generous dose of dried fruits and nuts, so very delicious, absolute bliss to gulp down. This was definitely one of the stars of the show at our table! Highly recommended!

Khattha Meetha: I loved this mocktail too, simple as it was. Perfectly made with orange juice, it was the right mix of sweet and sour, utterly refreshing.

Top (left to right): Watermelon Shikanjeevi (Modelled by Sakhi Ravoor); Kesar Pisteywali Lassi, and Khattha Meetha; Bottom (left to right): Litchi Touch; Guava Mary; and Minty Apple

Litchi Touch: This mocktail sure is a stunner – a beautiful shade of green, served in a tall glass. It tasted decent, but was a tad too sweet and syrupy for me.

Guava Mary: I loved this one! Guava juice served up cocktail-style, but without alcohol, with salt around the rim. It was so very delicious and refreshing.

Minty Apple: A mix of apple juice and fresh mint, this mocktail surely sounded interesting. It was a tad too sweet and syrupy for my liking, though.


Palak Patta Chaat: This dish was such a looker, with crispy-fried spinach leaves standing tall in a platter, served with sweet and sour curd. The spinach had been fried a tad too crisp, but overall, this chaat was oh-so-delectable!

Bhatti Paneer: Cottage cheese aka paneer is subtly spiced, then rolled in crumbs of papad, deep-fried and served with a drizzle of ghee. That is Bhatti Paneer for you. It was so, so delicious, it had us licking our fingers!

Tandoori Bharwan Aloo: Potatoes are scooped out, then fried, and stuffed with a potato-and-paneer filling, to create this appetiser. It was very well done, and tasted as lovely as it looked!

Top (left to right): Palak Patta Chaat; Bhatti Paneer; Tandoori Bharwan Aloo; Bottom (left to right): Hara Bhara Kabab; Legacy Tandoori Champ Paneer; Malai Broccoli

Hara Bhara Kabab: I don’t like the Hara Bhara Kabab at a lot of places – it is often too bland for my tastebuds. At BBQ’D, it was a wholly different story altogether. The Hara Bhara Kabab here was beautifully done, full of flavour. The taste was spot on!

Legacy Tandoori Champ Paneer: This was another beauty of an appetiser! Soft, soft, soft chunks of paneer were marinated and grilled to perfection, served with some really flavourful chutneys made in-house. Finger-lickingly delicious, I tell you!

Malai Broccoli: Here, broccoli is cooked in a rich, creamy sauce that is simply and mildly spiced. This was quite nice, but sort of paled in comparison to the other, very lovely Punjabi appetisers.

Tandoori Mushroom Tikka: This was the star of the starters, at least for me. Marinated Portobello mushrooms were stuffed with a delicious cheese stuffing, grilled to perfection and served with some secret sauces made in-house. So, so, so good! I highly recommend this to you!

The very lovely Tandoori Mushroom Tikka

Main course

The main course spread was just as lavish as the two earlier courses. We were presented with a host of dishes that are Made In Punjab signatures, brought back into the BBQ’D menu.

With assorted flatbreads, we had the following.

Lehsooni Chhena: This was a mildly spicy, simple gravy with garlic-infused spinach and in-house chhena. While it was decent in taste, I found it to be quite bland. A bit more flavour to it, and this dish could have worked wonders.

Lahori Aloo: This dish consisted of potatoes cooked Lahore-style in an extremely flavourful, tangy gravy, redolent of spices like kalonji. What’s to not love? I loved this curry to bits! So perfectly made this one was!

Daal Makhani: The Daal Makhani was the requisite amount of thick and creamy, but I felt it could have done with some more flavour. The texture was lovely, but taste-wise, it somewhere fell short of brilliant, in my opinion.

Top Left: The lavish main course that we indulged in; Top Right: Vegetable Pulav; Bottom (left to right): Lahoori Aloo, Daal Makhani, Lehsooni Palak Chhena

Vegetable Pulav: The Vegetable Pulav was well-made, a simple dish with lots of veggies and chunks of paneer. The fried onions it was topped with added a lovely texture to the dish. However, I found it a tad bland in taste, again – some more flavour to it, and this dish would have been par excellence.


And then, it was time to try out the desserts! We sampled two favourite desserts from Made In Punjab, which have been re-introduced to the BBQ’D menu.

Nukkad Jalebi: If you are anything like me, you adore piping-hot jalebis that are straight off the pan. Now, what if these straight-off-the-pan jalebis are presented beautifully to you, in a wine goblet, with some ultra-delish, rich rabdi? That’s exactly what the Nukkad Jalebi at BBQ’D is all about. It was instant love for me with this dessert, something I couldn’t stop gorging on.

Left: Nukkad Jalebi; Right: Rasmalai

Rasmalai: Rasmalai was the other lovely dish served to us at BBQ’D. The chhena balls were just perfect, gloriously soft and spongy. The ras or the syrup the balls were served in could have been thicker and a bit more creamy.

In hindsight

I enjoyed most of the dishes I tried out, from the Made In Punjab Revival Menu at BBQ’D. I loved the plating of the starters as well!

I am so glad Made In Punjab is back, albeit in a little way. I would urge you to visit BBQ’D too, and have your fill of these dishes. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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