A Delightful Healthy Meal At Enerjuvate, Koramangala

Bored of the regular cream- and spice-laden food that a whole lot of restaurants serve? Head to Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe for a lovely change from the usual!

The husband and I visited Enerjuvate’s relatively new branch in Koramangala recently, for a menu tasting. We returned completely sated after an utterly delightful meal, our taste buds tingling with the various fusion foods we sampled here. The best part – all the food we had was as healthy as it could be, cooked fresh. Our tummies felt light and unburdened after the meal, which we loved!


Enerjuvate is a pretty space, a studio cum store cum cafe. There are several workshops conducted here on a regular basis, at the studio. The store stocks a variety of healthy products ranging from almond butter, different types of tea and pure honey to various home decor articles. The little boutique at Enerjuvate sells a wide range of products prepared by women entrepreneurs – from clothes and jewellery made from recycled plastic and moss (yes, you read that right!) to all-natural cosmetics.

Some of the articles on display at the Enerjuvate boutique, Koramangala

The menu at the Enerjuvate cafe is quite eclectic – it is a mix of many different cuisines, Indian and international. The cafe serves all-vegetarian food, cooked fresh without any artificial flavouring or colouring agents and preservatives. Ingredients like cornflour, refined flour and refined sugar are avoided, as is deep frying. Think momos made with jowar flour, papri chaat made with baked ragi pooris, hot-and-sour Asian gravy served with cooked millets instead of rice, desserts made with honey or cane sugar. We found the menu to be quite extensive – with a variety of soups, beverages and tea; a huge selection of entrees, wraps, pasta and pizza; quite a few healthy desserts and combo platters. Here, you will find several options for people who choose to go dairy-free, gluten-free or dairy products-free. There are quite a few Jain alternatives on the menu as well.

Enerjuvate was first launched in Jayanagar, in early 2017. After successfully creating a loyal clientele for itself at Jayanagar, a second branch opened up in Koramangala a few months later.

Location, ambience and decor

The Koramangala outlet is located in the bustling 4th Block, and wasn’t very tough to locate. The place has a quaint, charming vibe to it, both from the outside and inside.

The outside sitting area is simply beautiful, done up with fairy lights, ideal for breezy summer evenings and cold winter afternoons.

Part of the outdoor sitting area at Enerjuvate, Koramangala

The inside is pretty too, with quirky but classy decor. Carefully chosen quotes and artifacts deck up the ceiling and walls.

The decor at Enerjuvate, Koramangala

Go up a quirky decorated staircase and you will reach another cute sitting area, adorned by a bookshelf and more of those lovely artifacts. There’s a little balcony with just two seats too, upstairs, just perfect for a date night, looking out at the world go by.

Food and drinks

We started our meal with samples of a few of Enerjuvate’s signature beverages and a couple of their healthy starters.

Top left: Carrot Ginger Ale, Coco Mojito, and Almond Mylk Thandai; Top right: Kombucha samplers; Bottom left: Aloo Papri Chaat; Bottom right: Summer Salad (seasonal)

We absolutely loved the Coco Mojito, a twist on the traditional virgin mojito, made with tender coconut water, pineapple and mint, sweetened with cane sugar. It was so delectable! The other drinks weren’t meant for our taste buds – we couldn’t appreciate these as we are not a big fan of vegetable-based smoothies or fermented pro-biotic beverages.

The Aloo Papri Chaat was absolutely lovely, and I couldn’t resist hogging on it! The chaat was made with baked ragi pooris and, therefore, quite healthy. The spice levels, the chutney, the sweetness and tanginess – everything – was on point.

The Summer Salad, a seasonal special made with spiralised raw mango and cucumber, with a simple honey-lemon dressing was gorgeous, too. Slurpalicious!

Thai DIY Paan at Enerjuvate, Koramangala

The next starter that was presented to us – Thai DIY Paan – completely blew our minds away. What a flavour bomb this was! My taste buds are still tingling with the burst of flavours it filled my mouth with. Served with toasted peanuts and coconut, Enerjuvate‘s in-house tangy tamarind chutney, chillies, sprouts, ginger, onions and lemon wedges, it is fun to make these lettuce wraps the way you want to. It is all healthy, too, to boot! In Thailand, apparently, this is a street food called Meeang Krung, and is made with betel leaves instead of lettuce. We would urge you to try this dish out at Enerjuvate – highly recommended!

Top left: Veggie Zoodle Bowl; Top centre: Asian-style chilli vegetables with millets; Top right: Potato Wedges Platter; Bottom: Momo Tasting Platter

Next up came a couple of their large platters – the Potato Wedges Platter and the Momo Tasting Platter.

The Potato Wedges Platter was lovely, very well done, with sweet potato and potato wedges baked to perfection, sprinkled with a generous dose of herbs. This is served with beetroot hummus and salsa.

We have mixed feelings about the Momo Tasting Platter, which included an assortment of healthy momos made with flours like wheat, ragi and other millets. The fillings were quite interesting – potato, spinach and corn, Asian noodles and the like. While I loved the fillings of these momos, I found the outer shell to be quite thick, unlike the paper-thin maida-based momos that are commonly available on the streets. That said, we do greatly appreciate the fact that these momos are made the healthy way, without any maida. The sauces served with the momos too are made in-house, fresh and healthy, without any preservatives or artificial flavouring or colouring agents.

We then went on to try samplers of two of Enerjuvate’s main course. We loved the Veggie Zoodle Bowl – zucchini noodles cooked beautifully, livened with herbs, perfectly spiced. The Asian-Style Chilli Vegetables was delish too – vegetables cooked the Asian way, but healthily, served with cooked millets instead of rice. This was such a delight to eat!

The Enerjuvate Loaded Pizza!

The Enerjuvate Loaded Pizza we were served next was sheer pleasure to eat. True to its name, it was loaded with toppings. The base – made with millets – was very well done, and the marinara sauce on it was quite flavourful. It was served with Enerjuvate’s signature pumpkin sauce (Gross? No way! The sauce was so delish, we were licking our fingers! We didn’t even know that it was pumpkin sauce, BTW, till we were told!). This is another dish we would highly recommend you to try at Enerjuvate!

Thai DIY Soup at Enerjuvate, Koramangala

We also tried out a couple of the soups. The Thai DIY Soup had an interesting concept – lemongrass soup served in a cute mug with assorted toppings, for you to add in the way you please. The taste and texture of the soup didn’t charm us, though.

The Thukpa Twist – Tibetan thukpa made with healthy flat ragi noodles – didn’t bowl us over either.

Left: Lemon (n)ice cream!; Top right: Choco Mocha Cups; Bottom right: Sizzling Brownie, at Enerjuvate, Koramangala

We ended our meal with samples of some of Enerjuvate’s desserts, every single one of which was brilliant and utterly blew us away!

The Lemon (N)ice Cream – a preservative-free vegan ice cream made with coconut milk – was so refreshing and lovely. We loved this to bits! If you can get hold of this at Enerjuvate, please don’t miss it!

The Choco Mocha Cups are, again, vegan. These little chocolate cups filled with coffee-flavoured cashew cream were sheer bliss. Yumminess overload!

The Sizzling Brownie was simply beautiful too, with vegan vanilla ice cream served atop a chocolate ragi brownie! This one comes highly recommended too!

All of these desserts were made with zero refined sugar. Can you guess? We surely couldn’t!


A meal for two at Enerjuvate, Koramangala, will set you back by INR 800, approximately. We think this is a steal, considering the charming ambience, the quality and deliciousness of the food, and the fact that it is all cooked fresh and healthy, with utmost care.

In hindsight

The husband and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Enerjuvate. We loved most of the food we tried out, in the midst of that pleasing ambience. Neither of us can wait to go back here and try out more from their vast menu!

Please do visit too – I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Have you been to Enerjuvate? What are your favourites here? Do tell me, in your comments!


6 thoughts on “A Delightful Healthy Meal At Enerjuvate, Koramangala

  1. I love the sound of all of that – looks really stunning. The DIY Paan or Meeang Krung is the kind of thing I could see myself making up for a quick supper at home – sounds delicious


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