Masterclass With Chef Tanmoy Sarvardekar At Cinepolis Coffee Tree

Famed Chef Tanmoy Sarvardekar, who heads The Winking Macaron in Bangalore, recently held a masterclass in association with Coffee Tree, Cinepolis, at the Royal Meenakshi Mall. I had the pleasure of attending this masterclass and ended up having a lovely experience while there.

For the uninitiated, Cinepolis is the world’s second largest movie theatre circuit, also touted to be India’s first international theatre group. Coffee Tree is the in-house gourmet coffee shop at Cinepolis, serving a variety of delicious snacks, beverages and, of course, coffee to cinema goers and mall visitors alike.

Chef Tanmoy Sarvardekar, all set to begin the masterclass

At the masterclass, Chef Sarvardekar demonstrated some of the signature snacks from Coffee Tree’s extensive menu. He started with one of his personal favourites – Chilli Cheese Toast.

Chef Sarvardekar demonstrating Cinepolis Coffee Tree’s Chilli Cheese Toast

The audience got to sample the Chef’s creations, and I loved this cheesy, spicy toast.

Cinepolis Coffee Tree’s Chilli Cheese Toast, prepared by Chef Sarvardekar

Next up, Chef Sarvardekar demonstrated the preparation of a Chicken Burger, a la Cinepolis Coffee Tree. This snack, too, won the oohs and aahs of the audience.

The Chicken Burger demonstrated by Chef Sarvardekar

The next dish that Chef Sarvardekar demonstrated was a Vegetarian Pasta Arrabbiatta, one of my all-time favourite dishes.

Chef Sarvardekar preparing Vegetarian Pasta Arrabbiatta, off the menu of Cinepolis Coffee Tree

The chef paired the Pasta Arrabbiatta with a Masala Lemonade from the Coffee Tree menu, a cool and refreshing drink that I absolutely loved.

The Vegetarian Pasta Arrabbiatta prepared by Chef Sarvardekar

Post the cook-off, four volunteers from the audience contested in the preparation of a Double Decker Sandwich and Virgin Lemon-Mint Mojito.

One of the contestants and fellow food blogger Madraasi Deepa, busy preparing her Double Decker Sandwich
Another contestant, preparing Virgin Lemon-Mint Mojito

Chef Sarvardekar then sampled the creations of all four contestants, offering them comments and suggestions for improvement.

Speaking about the masterclass, Chef Sarvadekar said, “The experience of collaborating with Cinépolis was an exhilarating one. The response from the audience was very warm and encouraging. Coffee Tree, as a concept, is very unique and has some good offerings in terms of food and beverage options, which people always look for while going for a movie watching experience.”

All in all, it was a delightful afternoon, where much fun was had by all.


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