One Morning, In Wayanad

Since long, the husband and I had been craving for a vacation where we did absolutely nothing. We wanted a holiday where we would just eat, sleep, read, walk around the place we were staying at, and play with the bub. No sightseeing, no agenda.

So, as soon as we got a chance, recently, off we took to Wayanad, to stay in one of the many homestays there – one named Kudajadri Drizzle, to be precise. We wanted to just be, and do nothing else. It’s a different story that the bub didn’t let us just be at the homestay, and we had to head out for some sightseeing just to keep her entertained – not that we didn’t have fun in the process. πŸ˜› Another story is that the drive back home to Bangalore from Wayanad took us 12 hours – the double of what it takes usually – thanks to crazy traffic. We ended up more exhausted than ever, but still, I am glad we managed to see a new place.

Wayanad is beautiful, all rolling hills and lush green and small town and winding paths. The homestay we stayed at was lovely, an ancient family home which is now let out to other families, and we thoroughly loved the experience of staying in it. We walked around in the plantation attached to the homestay, ooh-ing and aah-ing at various trees and plants, the bub’s mouth opening wide in awe as she touched Touch-Me-Not plants and watched them closing up. We explored the hill station in bits and pieces, learning a little about their cuisine, picking up some foodie souvenirs, trying out new dishes. I wouldn’t say we got the relaxed, do-nothing sort of vacation we wanted, but we did get another sort of beautiful holiday – one in which we were not inclined to see all the sights the destination had to offer, but kept it to the minimal.

I leave you with some pictures from our walk in the homestay’s plantation, one gorgeous Wayanadan morning.


The bub, the husband and the mother, walking into the plantation
Beautiful, beautiful green pepper was everywhere!
A close-up of the green pepper on a plant. My! What an experience it was to bite into one, plucked straight off the plant, and gasp as it filled my mouth with its spiciness!
Citron fruits, narthangai in Tamil, on the tree
Green pepper being dried in the sun, to be packed off and sent off to various destinations
BeFunky Collagecocoa
Cocoa beans, in various stages of ripening. This is the first-ever time we saw these on the plant! How exciting!


Coffee berries! That’s where coffee, as we know it, comes from.
BeFunky Collage123
Left: Golden yellow konna flowers (Cassia Fistula) that are of great significance in Vishu poojas; Centre: Pink dandelion!; Right: Guava fruits hanging off the tree
The sweet little calf, for whom the plantation is home. I was fascinated by its beautiful eyes!


BeFunky Collagepaaku
Tall, tall, tall betelnut trees in various stages of fruition
Spellbound by all the Touch-Me-Nots!
BeFunky Collageflowers
Different types of flowers we spotted, on our walk through the plantation
A cardamom plant blooming! Can’t say we have seen one before.
BeFunky Collagetrees
Left: A betel leaf creeper; Centre: Bananas on the tree; Right: A papaya tree


I hope you enjoyed this little walk through a Wayanad home plantation with me. Do let me know!

Please stay tuned for more stories from our trip to Wayanad!



22 thoughts on “One Morning, In Wayanad

  1. This is lovely! Great pics. I bet the bub really enjoyed herself. Sorry to know about the traffic and the delay, but I guess, you Bangalore guys are really used to it by now & shouldn’t be upset about it. haha. Glad the vacation was good and you found the post on my blog, useful. Happy to help! Cheers!


  2. About a decade back, I used to work in Kozhikode, down the hill from Wayanad, and Wayanad was part of my territory. Whenever the stress got to me, I would manage to go on an official territory visit to Wayanad, where in those days, there was very little mobile tower coverage. Wayanad always managed to soothe my stressed nerves and lack of mobile towers meant no irritating calls from the boss or clients.


  3. Absolutely a great idea for an escape into the embrace of Mother Nature from the hustle and bustle of city life. It must have been an experience trying fruits plucked straight off the branch, thanks for sharing about how these “food products” look before they are being served on a plate or in a cup!


    1. @Nathan

      You need a holiday in the lap of nature every once in a while! πŸ™‚ Wayanad is a great place to do just that.

      Yes, it is quite an experience seeing ‘food products’ on the tree! πŸ™‚


  4. Such beautiful pictures and what a great article! It’s always so good to get away for a much needed holiday. It looks like you were very in touch with nature


  5. Wayanad is a beautiful place to escape from the rat race of Bangalore. A few days spent amidst the beauty of nature in Wayanad is enough to rejuvenate and recharge the mind.


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