Christmas Buffet At Plaza Premium Lounge, Bengaluru International Airport

The uber-luxurious Plaza Premium Lounge at the Bengaluru International Airport served a special lunch buffet for Christmas this year. The honour of getting an exclusive preview of this Christmas menu was bestowed on me, along with a few other food, travel and lifestyle bloggers. Read on, to know how I found the spread!


This menu, specially curated by Executive Chef Ankit Mangala for the occasion of Christmas, was served at Plaza Premium Lounge on December 24 and 25, 2017. 

Apart from a sumptuous Honey-Glazed Turkey (of course!) served with cranberry sauce, the extensive spread also included some Christmas-sy desserts like Pumpkin Pie, Plum Cake and Yule Log, as well as some very traditional Indian dishes like Daal Makhani, Butter Rice and Peas Pulao for the benefit of international travellers who would love a taste of India.

Some of the dishes from the Christmas-special buffet: The turkey in the centre, surrounded by Heirloom Tomato, Watermelon & Basil Salad, Paneer Butter Masala, Creamy Pesto Chicken Casserole, Parsi Chicken Dhansak, and Peas Pulao (clock-wise direction from bottom left)

I tried out the vegetarian dishes, and found most of them to be well-executed, beautiful in taste and presentation. Though I felt several of the dishes didn’t really have a Christmas-sy touch to them, the menu was well thought out, from the angle of an international traveller who might have a couple of hours to kill at Bengaluru Airport on or around Christmas day.

A close-up of the Honey-Glazed Turkey, presented beautifully with assorted vegetables


Here’s what I loved the most from this spread.

1. Pumpkin & Roasted Garlic Soup

Pumpkin & Roasted Garlic Soup at Plaza Premium Lounge

The pumpkin soup was simply beautiful, expertly prepared. It had just the right texture to it, neither too thick nor too watery. It tasted lovely, with bits of roasted garlic adding a lovely depth to the flavour. I loved this one to bits – it was perfect for the cold evening we visited!

2. Roasted Potato Salad With Lemon Vinaigrette

This salad, served cold, tasted absolutely lovely. The potatoes were cooked just right, and the lemon vinaigrette – mild and subtle – made for a beautiful complement to them.

3. Daal Makhani and Peas Pulao

The daal makhani was the star of the meal, for me. It was rich and creamy, without being greasy or overwhelming. The taste was stunningly gorgeous, and it coupled just perfectly with the mild and simple peas pulao.

BeFunky Collageplaza
Top left: Peas Pulao, Top right: Roasted Potato Salad With Lemon Vinaigrette; Bottom right: Garlic Vegetable Fried Rice; Bottom left: The star of the meal for me – the Daal Makhani

4. Stir-Fried Vegetables With Tofu, Ginger & Chilli Sauce, and Garlic Vegetable Fried Rice

This was yet another beautifully executed dish at Plaza, a huge hit with me. The runny gravy had a lovely gingery flavour to it, without being overloaded with spice, just enough to warm the cockles of your heart. The curry had a generous amount of vegetables and tofu in it, and made for a lovely, lovely complement to the mildly spiced garlic vegetable rice we were served.

5. Butterscotch Pastry

We were served a tasting portion of a few of the desserts that would be part of the Christmas-special buffet at Plaza Premium Lounge. Of these, I loved the butterscotch pastry the most – it was light yet sinful, delicate yet full of flavour. Very well done!

A few of the desserts from the XMas-special buffet at Plaza: Christmas Star Cupcake, Butterscotch Pastry, and (don’t miss this!) an Oreo-And-Strawberry Santa!


What could have been better

  1. I loved how the menu offered a taste of India and how the team had added little Christmas-sy touches to certain dishes (the Couscous Salad, With Zucchini, Mint & Cranberries, for instance). That said, with all due respect to the Chef and his team, the menu (main course, especially) could have been a bit more festive, a bit more significant of the occasion.
  2. I felt the vegetarians had limited (albeit delicious) options to choose from. Vegetarians should have had something equally enticing as the Honey-Glazed Turkey or the Chicken Dhansak or Creamy Pesto Chicken Casserole.
  3. Taste-wise, the desserts (except for the Butterscotch Pastry) could have been better. 


Plaza Premium Lounge, a warm note of thanks for making this sneak peek possible!

So, people, the next time you have a few hours to kill at the Bengaluru International Airport in between flights, you know where to head to! Christmas or not, Plaza Premium Lounge dishes up some wonderful meals all right!

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