XMas Cake Mixing At Plaza Premium Lounge, Bengaluru International Airport

Did you know that cake mixing ceremonies began in Europe in the 17th century? Extended families would get together, a couple of months before Christmas, to add rum and spices to fruits and nuts. The ceremony would signify the beginning of the harvest season, be considered a harbinger of good times, a symbol of the beginning of the joyous Christmas season and hope for an abundant harvest the next year. The mixed dried fruits and nuts would then be allowed to soak till the day before Christmas, when they would be baked into a fruit cake (commonly called ‘plum cake’ across India). 

Today, cake mixing ceremonies are held all over India, too, and have become times for people to get together and have some fun. At this time of the year, when there is barely a month to go for Christmas 2017, cake mixing ceremonies are underway at most high-end restaurants. Fruits and nuts are getting prepped to go into the XMas fruit cake. I was thrilled to be invited to the auspicious cake mixing ceremony this year at the Plaza Premium Lounge India, Bengaluru International Airport, recently, along with a bunch of other food and travel bloggers.


Dried fruit and nuts, ready to be mixed and soaked!

It turned out to be such a fun event, co-ordinated by Ankit Mangla, Executive Chef, Plaza Premium Group. All of us – including dignitaries from the Plaza Premium Group and the Bengaluru Airport – got our hands (errr… gloves) dirty and got busy mixing away. Uncountable bottles of alcohol and loads of fragrant spices went into the huge trays bearing dried fruits and nuts, and we mixed away to glory. Therapeutic it was, I tell you! It was a beautiful sight to behold as well.

The cake mixing ceremony is in progress! Loads of alcohol and gorgeous-smelling spices are being poured into the fruits and nuts! Image Courtesy: Plaza Premium Group

I hear the mixed fruits and nuts have been safely packed away in containers, where they will be allowed to soak until Christmas time. They will then be used to make plum cakes and other goodies for the Plaza Premium Lounge’s Christmas menu!

The mixed fruits and nuts, all ready to soak away till Christmas!

Post the event, we were treated to a lovely, lovely light lunch, courtesy of Chef Ankit Mangla. We were also offered a sneak preview of Plaza Premium Lounge’s Christmas-special! Let me tell you the pumpkin pie we were served was simply gorgeous, and the paan rasmalai was out of the world! (Psst: We had a look around the lounge as well, and it is simply brilliant – the lap of luxury!).

BeFunky Collageplaza
A glimpse of the light lunch we were served at Plaza Premium Lounge. Top left: Assorted crackers and nachos with dips; Top right: The bread crocodile – isn’t he cute?!; Bottom right: The fantastic paan rasmalai we were served; Bottom left: Pumpkin pies!

This bright, shiny, colourful and happy ceremony has served to whet my appetite for all things Christmas. I can’t wait for XMas 2017 to arrive now! 🙂

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