Enchanted At The Mad Teapot Cafe, Indiranagar

Imagine a cosy little cafe with little tables, big windows that let the sunlight in, plants in pots on the sill.

Imagine porcelain teapots hanging from the ceiling, with decorative roses in them.

Imagine a gorgeous princess bed with net curtains in the vicinity, fairy lights in mason jars, artificial roses in wicker baskets hanging on wooden swings, and paper lanterns strung on trees.

Imagine lights in the shape of a magician’s top hat.

Imagine plates with magical messages on the wall.

Are you wondering if this place is for real or is a figment of my imagination? Are you doubtful if such a cafe really exists? Well, it does! That is exactly how The Mad Teapot Cafe in Indiranagar, Bangalore, looks like, from the inside. I had read, and heard, so many lovely descriptions of the place that I absolutely had to drag the husband here one afternoon, for lunch. We ended up getting equally enchanted by the eatery, too.

Part of The Magic Teapot Cafe, Indiranagar. Pretty, pretty, no?

The Mad Teapot Cafe is housed within a home decor store called The Wishing Chair, on the bustling 100-foot Road in Indiranagar. The store, and consequently the cafe, has an ambience that can only be described as magical, enchanted, charming, quirky, and fantastical. With names like those, what else does one expect, if not a fairy tale-ish place? And a fairy tale-ish place is exactly what you get.

PicMonkey Collagemadteapot
The decor at The Mad Teapot Cafe. I fell in love with those gorgeous fairy lights in jars! And, oh, isn’t that princess bed to die for?!

The magical home decor merchandise on sale at The Wishing Chair doubles up as decor for The Mad Teapot Cafe. It surely is a different-from-the-usual experience eating in the midst of stuff straight out of an Enid Blyton fantasy, an experience we cherished for sure.

Is this a happy place? For sure!

The cafe is small, with just about five tables, a good place to stop at for a quick cup of coffee or dessert or some short eats. We lingered over our lunch, just gazing around and taking in the magic of the place, and that is exactly what the other patrons were doing as well. How can you help that, with an ambience like that? The service staff seems to be well used to such gawping, and were relaxed themselves, not exactly hovering over our table, but polite, friendly and responsive when called upon.

PicMonkey Collagemadteapot2
Some more pics of the inside of The Mad Teapot Cafe. Quaint, no?


What about the food, you ask? I will start by telling you that the menu is straight out of an Enid Blyton book, too. Here is where you will find stuff like Forest Of Pumpkin Blossoms, Moonface Madness, Winter Woodland’s Vegetable Pasta, The White Fairy Pasta, and Island Of Greek Stories. Now, if that doesn’t enchant, what does?

The cafe proclaims that they are ‘proudly vegetarian’. Except for just one dish with eggs in it and the desserts (this latter part I am assuming!), everything on the menu is vegetarian. The cuisine is a mix of Italian and Continental food – no pizzas, but a variety of flat breads (mini pizzas, if you must!), pasta, salads, little bites, sandwiches, tea and coffee, the freak shakes that are all the rage now, and other desserts.

PicMonkey Collagemadteapot3
The menu at The Mad Teapot Cafe, just as fairy tale-ish as the ambience!


I have heard people raving about the food at this place, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. We had a good experience with the food here, too. To be honest, we didn’t find the food mind-blowingly brilliant, but it was definitely good.

PicMonkey Collagemadteapot4
The food we ordered at The Mad Teapot Cafe. On the left: The dessert we chose, The Orange Citrus Fancy, In the centre: The Adventures Of Miss Evergreen (top, a flatbread), Winter Woodland’s Vegetable Pasta (bottom), On the right: Twisty’s Tomtom Spaghetti (top), Cappuccino (bottom)

The love affair between me and The Orange Citrus Fancy was immediate. I absolutely loved this pudding, well done, with just the right amount of sweet and sour for my tastebuds, bits and pieces of real orange peel in it, decked up with slightly bitter orange brittle. I have absolutely got to have this again, here!

The husband and I loved The Adventures Of Miss Evergreen, too. Spread with green pesto and topped with mozzarella, ricotta, sundried tomatoes and walnuts, this flatbread was a delight to eat. It was barely warm when it was brought to our table, and we were too hungry to ask for it to be heated up. Had it been served piping hot, I am sure it would have tasted even better.

Winter Woodland’s Vegetable Pasta was a simple but hearty dish, with a lot of grilled veggies, without any sauce. We weren’t really bowled over by this pasta, which actually felt a bit dry.

Twisty’s Tomtom Spaghetti came with a creamy red sauce that was a tad too fiery for me, but flavourful. In hindsight, the sauce would have gone better with penne pasta, rather than the spaghetti we had ordered. Overall, it was a good dish, though.

The cappuccino was decent. The almond cookie it was served with was chewy, but nice and tasty.

We found the portion sizes to be generous.


Price-wise, the husband and I found the cafe to be expensive. We paid about INR 1300 for our meal, including taxes.


I know for sure I will be visiting this place again, to try out the large number of desserts they have on their menu (in spite of the prices being a tad high), and to soak in more of that magical atmosphere. I think the place is best suited to times when you want to linger over some food or desserts, for a very relaxed cup of coffee with a book, or catching up with your friends and loved ones.


Do visit this place, if you haven’t already! It’s well worth it.


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