10 Simple But Beautiful Home-Made Ice Creams| 10 Easy Frozen Desserts You Must Try

There’s always room for desserts, particularly if the dessert in question is ice cream! Well, that’s how the husband and I are, both of us with a huge sweet tooth! We often turn to ice cream to satiate our sweet cravings, and that is what led me to experiment with making different flavours of frozen delight at home.

This summer, I tried out a whole lot of simple ice creams at home, and was extremely pleased with the results. I made some classic, old-time flavours – like mango and malai kulfi. Then, I also went on to try out some ‘twisted’ flavours, like chocolate-chilli and sesame-jaggery. Everything was equally loved, equally hungrily devoured. The best part? Every single one of these ice creams was so very easy to make!

Here, I present to you recipes for 10 beautiful flavours of ice cream that you can try out at home very easily. I hope you will try out at least a few of these recipes, the next time you have guests coming over, are hankering for dessert, want to celebrate something, or just want to brighten up a dull day!

PicMonkey Collageicecream

Click on the name of each ice cream, to get the respective recipe!

  1. Lemon ice cream

This is the very first type of ice cream that I tried making at home, and so very special to me. This recipe yields a beautiful, creamy, lemony ice cream that is pleasantly tangy and sweet. The lemon peel in the ice cream elevates its taste to a whole new level!

2. Mango ice cream

Being the sucker for mangoes that I am, how could I not go ahead and make some mango ice cream? The mango lends a lovely all-natural colour and flavour to this ice cream, which is as easy to make as 1-2-3!

3. Sesame & jaggery ice cream

This ice cream is an attempt to recreate the gorgeous, gorgeous Lonavali ice cream I have grown up eating in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Instead of the peanut brittle aka chikki that the ice cream traditionally uses, though, I used sesame-and-jaggery revdi. The revdi, with a hint of rose in it, as well as the jaggery I used to sweeten the ice cream makes it an absolute delight to eat!

4. Meetha paan ice cream

Love meetha paan? Then, you must absolutely try out this ice cream! I created this dessert using meetha paan from a street-side paanwallah, and the end result was perfectly delectable!

5. Mexican chilli-chocolate ice cream

This dessert looks like good old chocolate ice cream, but it is so NOT! Eat a spoonful, and you will find the rich, lovely taste of chocolate swirling on your tongue. The very next moment, the hint of chilli in the ice cream will hit you, in a good way. Try this ice cream out to understand exactly what I mean!

6. Coffee crunch ice cream

The beautiful fragrance of coffee and the crunch of dark chocolate chips – the two things that majorly make up this ice cream – what is to not love? Try out this super simple but utterly scrumptious ice cream the next time you are craving some dessert!

7. Barfee-flavoured ice cream

Do you have some pieces of barfee left over that no one wants to eat? Use them to make this barfee-flavoured ice cream that everyone will want at least a scoop of! Delectable, this is!

8. Cotton candy ice cream

This ice cream is pure nostalgia in a bowl, a throwback to older and simpler times when weekends meant a visit to the neighbourhood park, followed by a treat of buddhi ke baal aka cotton candy. Do try out this pink beauty some time!

9. Malai kulfi

This is an extremely simple dessert, with not many ingredients, but definitely gorgeous in taste. The sinfully creamy texture, hint of rose essence, slivers of pistachio and refreshing sweetness will surely bowl everyone over.

10. Stuffed mango kulfi recipe

Delectable malai kulfi stuffed inside a sweet, juicy, ripe mango – sounds good? Well, let me tell you that this dessert tastes great as well. What’s more, it isn’t very tough to put together either! Try it out, will you?

Which of these simple ice cream recipes did you like the most? Which one/s are you the most tempted to try out?


8 thoughts on “10 Simple But Beautiful Home-Made Ice Creams| 10 Easy Frozen Desserts You Must Try

    1. @Jennifer Sikora

      Hey there! Thank you for your comment. 🙂

      I hope you will try out the ice cream really soon, and that you will love it as much as we did. Don’t forget to keep me posted!


  1. I’m so excited about these recipes, especially the Kulfi. I had it in London and it was a new discovery for me. It’s not really common or available in The US, at least in Southern California. The recipes look, I don’t wanna say easy but, doable. Can’t wait to try!


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