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I think, by now, all of you know how mango-crazy I am. I have been putting up mango-based recipes throughout this summer, like I do every year. I have absolutely loved the process of trying all these recipes out.

Mango season is, sadly, soon about to come to an end. Before that, I would like to put out a list of the best ripe mango recipes from my blog. I hope you will try out at least a few from this ripe mango recipe collection!

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Click on the name of each dish, to get the respective recipe!

1. Chilli & Mango Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The sweetness of ripe mangoes, the saltiness of cheese, and the heat of jalapenos meld together in this sandwich, to create a gorgeous, flavourful meal. You have to try it out to believe just how lovely this unusual combination tastes!

2. Stuffed Mango Kulfi

Delectable malai kulfi stuffed inside a sweet ripe mango – what is to not like? Try out this unique-looking kulfi and be prepared to wow your guests.

3. Mango & Hung Curd Parfait

This is, I think, a wonderful thing to make with ripe mangoes. The addition of nuts, honey and hung yogurt makes this parfait a very healthy thing to have. You could make it for breakfast, for dessert, or as an evening snack!

4. Mango Special Fruit Extravaganza

This dessert is a throwback to older, simpler times when there were no boutique bakeries and condensed milk was a luxury. You’ll be surprised by just how good this simple treat tastes!

5. Ripe Mango Salsa

This summer, do try out this mango-ey version of salsa! Spicy, sweet and tangy, this salsa goes very well with chips, nachos, khakras, lavash and the like.

6. Mango Pooris

Give the humble pooris a twist by adding some mango to them! These mango pooris make for a wonderful change from the usual meals. We love having them with mixed vegetable korma or a South Indian-style potato sagu. Yumminess!

7. No-Churn Eggless Mango Ice Cream

This is one of my most favourite things to do with ripe mangoes. In-season mangoes give the ice cream a beautiful taste and colour, naturally at that. It is super-easy to make, too.

8. Ripe Mango Curry, North Indian-Style

This delectable curry makes for a welcome change from the usual style of curries that we make in South India, as accompaniments for rotis and rice. Don’t miss trying this out, this summer!

9. Instant Mango Dhokla

The taste of the simple dhokla (beautiful in itself, I think) goes even higher with the addition of mango to it. Spicy, slightly sweet and tangy, these dhoklas are a treat to the tastebuds all right! What’s more, they can be whipped up in a matter of minutes.

10. Fruit Custard 

Fruit custard in itself is an awesome thing. When you add chunks of sweet, ripe mango to it, the flavour level goes up several notches. Try it out!

11. 3-Ingredient, No-Cook Amrakhand

This simple-to-make dessert is a bowl of sunshine all right! It is a mango-ey treat that tastes just as good as it looks.

12. Ras No Fajeto

This Gujarati dish made with yogurt, buttermilk, ginger and green chillies, as well as a few other ingredients tastes absolutely delectable. It makes for an utterly ‘Wow!’ combination with rice and rotis alike.

13. Mango Kesari

This slightly tangy, sweet and very flavourful ripe mango kesari is an absolute delight. If you have a big sweet tooth like I do, don’t miss trying out this recipe, this summer!

14. Mango Bruschetta

Light on the palate, yet satisfying; simple to whip up, yet delectable; a blend of varied textures and flavours – that is mango bruschetta for you. This very different-from-the-usual appetiser will surely leave you craving for more!

15. Ripe Mango Hummus With Sriracha

This hummus is just the right amount of spicy, sweet, and tangy, perfectly rich and creamy. It makes for a beautiful dip for nachos, khakras, murukkus, lavash and chips, apart from being a great spread for sandwiches and toasted bread.

Which of these ripe mango recipes sounds the most inviting to you? Do let me know!


Do check out my post about the best raw mango recipes on my blog. There’s so much to try out!

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