Three Foodie Discoveries That Have Made Me Happy Lately 

Shenga Holige from New Mangalore Store, HSR Layout 

The husband and I picked up a packet of peanut-and-jaggery polis on a whim, while visiting the New Mangalore Store on 19th Main, HSR Layout. They turned out super-duper delicious, so lovely that we couldn’t keep our hands off them! 

These are, apparently, a North Karnataka specialty, called Shenga Holige

They are just beautiful, I repeat. If you haven’t tried them out ever, I strongly urge you to. 

Price: A packet containing four holige is priced at INR 60.

Walker’s Toffee & Pecan Biscuits

Biscuits with bits of toffee in them? Unique and interesting enough for me to want to try them out. I am glad I did, for they were just beautiful! 

I understand these biscuits are made in the Scottish Highlands, strictly adhering to a traditional recipe. Charming, right? 

We received these biscuits as part of a gift hamper from the husband’s workplace, but I know they are available at Food Hall, too. I understand they are also available on sites like Amazon India, Zopnow and Godrej Nature’s Basket. 

These biscuits make it to the list of crazy food stuff we have tried so far! 

Price: A 150-gram packet of these biscuits costs INR 299.

Alphabet biscuits from New Mangalore Store, HSR Layout 

While at the New Mangalore Store, we also picked up a packet of alphabet biscuits. It’s been ages since we saw these, so we couldn’t help but get all excited about them.  

The biscuits taste just lovely, and we enjoyed munching on them, just as much as we loved admiring them. Crispy, sweet and salty, we loved these! 

Price: A packet of these alphabet biscuits cost INR 40.


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3 thoughts on “Three Foodie Discoveries That Have Made Me Happy Lately 

  1. I just had a box of those Walker’s cookies too in different flavors. Strawberry shortcake, white chocolate and good old choc chip. It was in a hamper that I had won in a raffle. So good!


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