A Royal, ‘Golden’ Lunch At Jalsa Gold

A while ago, I was invited to be part of a bloggers’ table at Jalsa Gold, a new place in Kadubeesanahalli, near Marathahalli, Bangalore. I had a great time lunching here, along with a bunch of other food bloggers. This post is about my experience at Jalsa Gold.

Location and ambience

The place is located in the vicinity of several other popular eateries like The Boozy Griffin and Wok To Asia, as well as Cessna Business Park. It is quite easy to locate.

Jalsa Gold, as the name suggests, is a gold-themed restaurant. Everywhere you look here, it’s all gold, chandeliers and flower pots and tableware included. You cannot help but feel like you are royalty and are dining in your gilded palace. The service staff, dressed in period clothes, with turbans perched on their heads, only add to the effect.

(Click on each of the above pictures to see the full view!)

The ambience here is, without a doubt, grand and rich. Photo-ops here are aplenty. The old-time Hindi music playing at the eatery quite fits in with the Indian food that is their mainstay.


The eatery specialises in Indian fine dining, though its extensive menu includes quite a few fusion dishes.

The food and drinks we tried

Like I said before, Jalsa Gold has an extensive menu, spanning vegetarian and non-vegetarian, Indian and fusion, starters, main course dishes and desserts. For the bloggers’ table, we were served the house specialities, saving us the trouble of choosing from the menu and allowing us to sit back, relax and focus fully on the food.


The vegetarian starters that we were served included Popeye Ki Spinach Tikki, Peshawari Paneer Tikka & Malai Broccoli, Lal Mirch Ka Paneer Tikka, Coleslaw Rolls and Vegetable Tarts.

The non-vegetarian starters included Chidiya Ka Ghosla, Murgh Kulfi Kabab, Mutton Seekh Kabab, and Chicken Swans.

Lal Mirch Ka Paneer Tikka at Jalsa Gold, served in a belan!

Every single one of the starters was presented beautifully. Some of these starters were served in a sort of belan and some on golden plates (in keeping with the theme of the restaurant). I particularly loved the presentation of the Chidiya Ka Ghosla (Oriental-style chicken served in a bird’s nest) and Chicken Swans. It was evident that a lot of thought had gone into the presentation.

On the left: Chidiya Ka Ghosla, On the right: Chicken Swans. Cute, right?

All of the non-vegetarian starters went on to be much loved. They were delicious, as per my fellow foodies. I tasted only the vegetarian food, though, and felt that the starters were okayish in terms of taste, not really great. The paneer in the Paneer Tikka & Malai Broccoli and Lal Mirch Ka Paneer Tikka was too chewy and not melt-in-the mouth soft. The other vegetarian starters, too, were lacking in flavour.

From left to right: Vegetable Tarts, Popeye Ki Spinach Tikki, and Coleslaw Rolls


Along with the starters, we were also served drinks of our choice. I chose a Virgin Orange Mojito (a mocktail), while the others chose from cocktails with names like Sanam Bewafa, Nasheeli Raat, Haste Zakhm, and Halka Halka Suroor (yes!)

From left to right: Nasheeli Raat, Sanam Bewafa and Virgin Orange Mojito at Jalsa Gold

I loved my Virgin Orange Mojito, and understand that the cocktails were much loved, too.

Main Course:

Next, we were served Pizza Napoli (vegetarian), Chicken Tikka Pizza (non-vegetarian), Paneer Lababdar (vegetarian), Dal Makhani (vegetarian), Khada Masala Ki Murgh (non-vegetarian), and Gosht Nihari (non-vegetarian), along with Cheese Naan, Butter Naan and Tandoori Roti.

From left to right: Pizza Napoli, Chicken Tikka Pizza, and Gosht Nihari

I heard from my non-vegetarian foodie friends that the Chicken Tikka Pizza was nice, but that the Gosht Nihari was just okay. The Pizza Napoli was good, but didn’t had that ‘Wow!’ factor to it, I felt. The rotis and naans were good.

From left to right: Dal Makhani, Paneer Lababdar, and Khada Masala Ki Murgh

I loved the Dal Makhani and the taste of the Paneer Lababdar, though the paneer was, again, a tad chewy. I heard that the Khada Masala Ki Murgh was nice, but not great.

Then, we were served vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryani, the Lucknowi version.

Vegetable biryani at Jalsa Gold, with raita

I loved the vegetarian biryani – the spice level, the texture, the taste, everything was just perfect! The raita was perfectly spiced, beautiful in taste.

I hear the non-vegetarian biryani (chicken) wasn’t as great.


Then came the desserts – a whole host of them, in fact – which had us awed with their presentation. I loved, loved, loved the presentation of the desserts!

From left to right: Gulab Jamun With Rabdi and Malpua, Paan Pannacotta With Gulkand Sauce, and Chocolate Swans – just look at those swans, will you?

I loved the Gulab Jamun With Rabdi And Malpua – the rabdi was outstandingly brilliant. The Chocolate Swans and Paan Pannacotta failed to win me over, though.

From left to right: Assorted pastries, American Cheese Cake and Alphonso Mango Panacotta

I loved the pastries, as well as the American Cheesecake and the Mango Panacotta.

We were also served a couple of other desserts – like Strawberry Panacotta and Caramel Custard – which were okayish.


The prices here are on the higher side. An a la carte meal for two would cost about INR 1800. They also offer a variety of lunch- and dinner-time buffets, with prices ranging from INR 479 to INR 1599 per head.

My verdict

  1. The ambience of the place is just awesome. A meal here would definitely be an experience worth savouring.
  2. I thought the eatery has a stronger foothold over Indian cuisine rather than fusion cuisine. Given a choice, I would opt for strictly Indian starters, main course and dessert here.
  3. I would suggest that you opt for one of the different buffets that they offer, rather than going the a la carte way. That way, you get to taste a whole lot more at a relatively lower price. Oh, and the buffet here is not the stand-in-a-queue-and-weigh-your-hands-down-with-heavy-plates kind of thing that is common in other eateries. Here, they serve you the buffet, while you sit down. Even the buffet which costs the least consists of about 50 items – so, definitely, a royal treat!
  4. This is definitely a place that I would love to go back to. We have sampled just a small part of the huge menu, after all.
  5. Like I said earlier, the starters we were served here didn’t impress me, but I liked the main course dishes and most desserts. The other (non-vegetarian) food bloggers with me loved the starters and desserts much more than the main course. I have a feeling I would have loved the starters too, had the eatery chosen strictly Indian ones to serve.


We were served this meal free of cost, in exchange for an honest review. The views expressed herein are not influenced by anything or anyone. I do not stand to receive any sort of gain by recommending this eatery to you.


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