Bombay Sandwich-Style Paratha Frankie| Using Up Left-Overs

Often, for dinner, I put together these sandwiches with slices of boiled potato and beetroot, onion rings, cucumber and a spicy green chutney. Sometimes there is cheese, sometimes there isn’t. These sandwiches are typically called Bombay Sandwiches because, it is widely believed, they originated in Bombay.

I have often had these sandwiches off a road-side stall near our house in Ahmedabad (the guy used to make some amazing ones, I remember!). Slowly and gradually, watching the guy at work, I learnt how to make these sandwiches at home. In fact, these Bombay sandwiches are one of my specialties, and people say I make them exactly the way street-side vendors in Bombay and Ahmedabad do.

If you are interested in the recipe for the Bombay sandwich, do check it out here.

When I recently came across a video on Awesome Sauce India about using the very same stuffing to make sandwiches with left-over rotis, I got all excited. This was such a lovely way to use up extra rotis, a healthier alternative too! I absolutely had to try out my hands on making them, and I did just that yesterday. I made a few little variations to the original recipe, though, and made paratha-based frankies instead of sandwiches, too. The end result was scrumptious, loved to bits by everyone at home.


Here is how I made the frankies.


  1. Left-over whole wheat flour parathas (I used flour ground in the mill)
  2. Onion, peeled and chopped into rounds, as required
  3. Chaat masala, as required
  4. European cucumber (the ‘seedless’ variety), chopped into thin rounds, as required
  5. Capsicum, chopped into long slices, as required
  6. Potato, boiled, peeled and chopped into rounds, as required
  7. Beetroot, boiled, peeled and chopped into rounds, as required
  8. Tomato ketchup, as required (I used Heinz)
  9. Grated cheese, as required (I used Amul)
  10. Butter or oil to toast the frankies, as required (I used Amul butter)
  11. Spicy green chutney, as required (Here is the method I followed to make it)


  1. Put a thick dosa tava on a high flame, and wait for it to get heated up. Meanwhile, prepare a frankie.
  2. Spread a tablespoon of the spicy green chutney on one side of a paratha, evenly.
  3. Place the paratha on a plate or board, chutney-side up.
  4. Spread a few boiled potato slices in the centre of the paratha, towards one side.
  5. Layer some boiled beetroot slices, onion rings, capsicum pieces and cucumber rounds over the potatoes.
  6. Add some grated cheese on top, as well as a couple of dollops of tomato sauce.
  7. Sprinkle a pinch of chaat masala on top of everything.
  8. Close the paratha, making a semi-circular shape.
  9. Brush some oil or butter on the dosa tava, which should have gotten nice and hot by now.
  10. Place the folded paratha on the hot tava. Cover and cook for a couple of minutes.
  11. Open the cover, and flip the paratha onto the other side. Apply more oil or butter if required.
  12. Cover and cook on the other side for a couple of minutes.
  13. Remove from the tava onto a plate, and serve immediately.
  14. Prepare frankies out of all the parathas, in a similar manner.


  1. The original recipe calls for using rotis, but I think they might become a tad too soggy with all the stuffing that goes in. So, I used parathas instead, and was happy with the results.
  2. You could use other vegetables of your choice – like corn, for instance. Other toppings too – like pineapple, olives, mustard sauce or jalapenos – could be used. That said, the stuffing in a typical Bombay sandwich consists only of beetroot, onion, cucumber, potato, tomato and spicy green chutney, sometimes capsicum.
  3. I am not too fond of tomatoes in my sandwiches, so I did not add them. If you like them, of course, you could go ahead and add them too.
  4. Sometimes, when I am in too much of a hurry, I make a simpler green chutney by grinding together just some coriander and green chillies, with a little water. The taste of that chutney, however, is nothing like that of the mint-onion-ginger-garlic-coriander chutney that I have linked up to here. Take your pick!

You like? I hope you will try these frankies out too, and that you will love them just as much as we did!


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