Anniversary Lunch At Nasi And Mee Asian Canteen

The husband and I recently celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary, and we decided to head out for lunch. We chose to lunch at Nasi And Mee Asian Canteen in Koramangala, an eatery that has been on my radar ever since it opened, some time in 2016.

Location and ambience

Nasi And Mee is located on the hip-and-happening 80-foot Road in Koramangala, quite easy to locate. (I just got to know they have another outlet in VR Bengaluru Mall near Whitefield, too.)

It is a small place, with about ten tables, and, I hear, it gets quite crowded on the weekends. Prior reservation is, therefore, advisable on weekends.

The moment we entered, we were struck by the beautiful decor of the place – it is contemporary, simple and classy. There is a warm and friendly vibe to the place. There is plenty of natural light inside, and it is far from being dark and dingy.

The interior of Nasi And Mee


The eatery’s name, ‘Nasi And Mee’, literally translates to ‘rice and noodles’ in the Indonesian language of Bahasa. The place serves Asian food (of course!), a selection of items from Indonesia, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, including street food from these places as well as time-tested classics. The menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

This isn’t a ‘fine dining’ spot, but an ‘Asian canteen’. As per their website, they aim to provide good food and unforgettable experiences to their patrons, and pride themselves on using the freshest of ingredients.

The husband and I had a lovely, relaxed time here, gorging on some delish food. It might not be a place for fine dining, but it is surely a place for a leisurely, nice meal, we can vouch for that.


From the extensive menu, we first opted for a Nasi And Mee salad, an in-house specialty.

Nasi And Mee salad, an in-house specialty

The salad was juicy and delish and just beautiful, and we loved it to bits.The veggies were super-duper fresh and crisp, and the dressing was just the right mix of sweet and sour and spicy. It was light, but satisfying, a perfect appetiser that stimulated our taste buds and prepared them for the next course, I would say. The portion size was good for only one person, though.

Next, we went for a plate of Mushroom And Water Chestnut Dumplings, another in-house specialty.

Mushroom And Water Chestnut Dumplings at Nasi And Mee

The dumplings were very well done, and the filling was, again, fresh and juicy. The water chestnut-mushroom stuffing inside was very mildly spiced, and was just perfect. This dish, too, was light but soul-satisfying. Again, the portion size was good for just one person.

To go with the appetisers, we ordered a Chendol drink, a Malaysian specialty, apparently. This is one of the eatery’s signature drinks, too.

Chendol drink at Nasi And Mee

The Chendol, a coconut milk-based drink, turned out to be very beautiful, too. We had initially thought it would be quite heavy on the stomach, but it was light and flavourful. It made for a perfect in-between drink, for sure.

For the main course, we opted for Pad Siew, a food straight off the streets of Thailand.

Pad Siew noodles at Nasi And Mee

The Pad Siew was strictly okay, as per both the husband and me. It was an interesting experience eating those flat rice noodles, but we felt the dish lacked flavour. The sauce it was made in (a mix of soya sauce, sugar, and vinegar, as far as I understand) didn’t feel enough, and the noodles, sort of, felt quite bland. The portion size was good for one.

Next, we ordered a plate of  Nasi Goreng, Malaysian fried rice flavoured with sweet soya and chilli. This was an in-house specialty, too.

Nasi Goreng at Nasi And Mee

The fried rice was lovely, just the right amount of spicy for us. It tasted beautiful! We especially loved the on-the-skewer babycorn grilled with Hoisin sauce that the dish was served with. I believe these babycorn beauties are part of the restaurant’s ‘Asian Grills’ section – we are so going to order some of those the next time we are here! The portion size of the fried rice was good for two.

For dessert, we chose to go for one of the many home-made ice creams on offer on their menu. We opted for the Kaffir Lime flavour.

Kaffir Lime Ice Cream at Nasi And Mee

The ice cream was brilliant! It was infused with the fragrance of kaffir lime, something which I adore. There was no sourness in the ice cream, though – it was beautifully sweet.

And that was how we ended a beautiful, beautiful meal at Nasi And Mee.


I have heard loads of good things about the service staff at Nasi And Mee, about how friendly and interactive and helpful they are, and now, we can vouch for these qualities, too. We loved how the service staff was courteous and friendly, without being overbearing. We were asked, after eating each dish, whether it was to our satisfaction. All of our questions and doubts were addressed so well. The staff here surely knows their job, and are well-informed as well.


The prices here are at par with fine-dining establishments in the city. We paid about INR 1600 for our meal, including taxes, which I didn’t mind paying considering the quality and taste of the food and the wonderful hospitality they offer.

My verdict

We loved the experience of lunching at Nasi And Mee, food, service, experience, et al. We are definitely going back to this place again! There are so many more items on the menu that we would love to try out!

If you have never been to this place before, I would definitely urge you to go.

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