Green Pepper Pickle

Both the husband and I are big fans of green pepper pickle, the way we Tam-Brahms usually make it. This is such a simple pickle to make, yet so delish! Every time I make this pickle, it never fails to astonish me as to just how easy-peasy it is to make – it hardly takes a few minutes to put together.

Green pepper!

I am not sure if green pepper is a winter-special treat, or you get it throughout the year. We typically make this pickle during the winter months only, because it is said to generate heat, and is just perfect for the cold, cold days of winter.

Green pepper pickle

Here is how we make the pickle.

Ingredients (yields about 1/2 of a medium-sized jam bottle):

  1. 100 grams of fresh green pepper
  2. Salt, to taste
  3. Juice of 3 lemons


  1. Wash the green pepper thoroughly, ensuring that you remove all the dirt off it. Place it on a cotton cloth, and pat dry completely. There should be no trace of moisture on the green pepper, once you are done drying it.
  2. Once dry, cut the green pepper bunches into 1-inch long pieces. Alternatively, you could strip all the pepper off the stems, so there are no stems in the pickle at all. The first alternative is relatively easier and works just as well as the second alternative. The second alternative is slightly more tough, but makes for an easy-to-consume pickle. So, take your pick.
  3. Take the peppers or 1-inch long pieces in a large mixing bowl. Add the salt to taste, as well as the lemon juice. Mix well, using a clean, dry spoon.
  4. Transfer the pickle to a clean, dry bottle with an air-tight lid, preferably a glass bottle. You can begin using the pickle after 2 days of using it. It makes for a wonderful combination with curd rice!


  1. The freshness of the ingredients makes a huge impact on the quality of the pickle, as is the case with just about any dish you cook. Make sure you use the freshest of green pepper and lemon, for the best-tasting pickle.
  2. The juice of 3 lemons might seem a bit more for 100 grams of green pepper but, trust me, you will need them! Green pepper is HOT, and the sourness of the 3 lemons will not go amiss.
  3. Since we are not using extra salt or any kind of preservative in this pickle, it stays good for 7-8 days only, if stored at room temperature. Refrigerating the pickle might help it stay for a slightly longer duration.
  4. Make sure you shake the bottle/jar every day, which will make sure the pickle is thoroughly coated with the lemon juice and salt. The pickle will stay longer that way.
  5. Ensure that you use only a clean, dry spoon to use the pickle.
  6. Store the pickle in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, if you plan to keep it at room temperature.
  7. Make sure the green pepper is thoroughly dry before you begin the pickling process. Similarly, make sure the lemons are also washed neatly and thoroughly patted dry before you begin making the pickle.
  8. I am guessing you could use vinegar in place of lemon juice, too, but I have never tried that out myself. The vinegar would, I suppose, increase the shelf life of the pickle a bit.
  9. This is the way Tam-Brahms typically make green pepper pickle. This might not be the only way to make this pickle, of course.

If you pickle green pepper at home, too, I would love to know how you do it!

If you have never had pickled green pepper, I would urge you to try out this recipe!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh man..I love this pickle with curd rice. Now craving it so much but of course no access to green pepper anywhere 😦
    Didn’t realize it is so simple to make also and just essentially needed lime juice

    1. @Popgoesthebiscuit

      Even I recently learnt how to make this pickle from Amma… was amazed too at just how simple it is to put together. 🙂

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