What’s In My Shopping Bag?

These days, I turn into a sinner every time I go grocery shopping.

No, I’m not talking about the shop-lifting type of sinning, dirty minds!

Ever since I became a food blogger, I have begun to comb the shelves of departmental stores more thoroughly. This little bottle of juice or that packet of biscuits always tempts me, and I end up indulging those temptations of mine.

I am, commonly, not one to regularly use packaged, processed stuff but, I admit, my excursions to departmental stores do see me picking up some of exactly such stuff. The food blogger in me wants to try out these interesting products and write about them. These are, therefore, mostly, one-off purchases, for the purpose of trial, not for regular consumption.

Here are some such recent foodie discoveries of mine, little temptations that I have indulged in, while out grocery shopping. Find out how I fared with them – whether I liked them or not!

Bisleri’s Pinacolada and Spyci Cola

Sometime in 2016, Bisleri launched a few new flavours of soft drinks, including Pinacolada, Spyci cola, a Limca lookalike called Limonata, and a mango-flavoured drink called Fonzo. I recently picked up a couple of bottles of the Pinacolada and Spyci cola, to sample.

On the left: Bisleri Pinacolada, on the right: Bisleri Spyci Cola

I found the Pinacolada strictly okay – it didn’t exactly bowl me over.

I loved the Spyci Cola, though. As the label on the bottle suggests, it is a ‘twisted cola’, cola with a hint of spice in it. I found the mix very interesting and different and delicious, something I wouldn’t mind having again at all. This is a big thing, you see, coming from someone who has given up on all kinds of aerated drinks for more than 2 years now.

I am now eager to try out the other newly launched flavours of soft drinks by Bisleri, too! I highly recommend you to try out the Spyci Cola as well.

Price: INR 15 per 200 ml bottle, which is quite reasonable.

Amul Choco Cracker

I am a huge fan of Amul’s Tropical Orange chocolate. Recently, I discovered another of Amul’s new chocolate-ey offerings, Choco Cracker, and promptly proceeded to fall in love with it, too!

Amul Choco Cracker

This is a milk chocolate that tastes just perfect. The little kid in me loved the way the chocolate squares ‘pop’ in your mouth, quite reminiscent of something called Magic Pop that we used to get back when I was a school-going girl.

Love! Highly recommended!

Price: INR 150 for a 150 gram bar, reasonable considering the good quality

Chef’s Basket Khow Suey Noodles

I usually give the ready-to-cook packages at the departmental stores a wide berth – I hate the chemical, artificial feel of the food they produce and I am fearful of the huge amount of preservatives they might come loaded with. I recently made an exception for a packet of ready-to-cook Khow Suey noodles by Chef’s Basket.

The packet said ‘No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives’ and I decided to believe it, just this once.

I liked the way the ingredients were packaged – everything that one would need to make the dish, including noodles and taste-maker, were packed in neat little pouches that could be easily opened. The package came with an easy-to-follow instruction list, and the end product was super easy to put together. I added my choice of vegetables to the dish, along with some tofu, and was pleased with the final product entirely. There was no artificial, chemical taste to the noodles; they tasted quite great, actually.

On the left: Chef’s Basket Khow Suey noodles kit, on the right: The final product that I prepared

For someone like me, Khow Suey noodles from Burma and Northern Thailand are an exotic meal, and this is a great way of enabling one to prepare it at home, without too much of a hassle. Without a kit like this, I might never have gotten around to making a dish like this at home, I think.

Price: One box contains approximately 180 grams of noodles, is all-vegetarian, and cooks enough to serve one person. It is priced at INR 75 per kit, which, I think, is pretty reasonable.

Check out my review of Chef’s Basket’s Thai Green Curry And Jasmine Rice kit here.

Monaco Cheese Cracker Sandwich

A sandwich made of two salty Monaco crackers, with a cheese-y cream filling in between – what is to not love? I picked up a packet of these ‘sandwiches’ at a nearby grocery store, recently, and loved them to bits. Highly addictive!

Monaco Cheese Cracker Sandwich

Price: A 100-gram packet of these biscuits is priced at INR 30, good for the quantity and quality involved.

Shreya pickles

I had never heard of Shreya pickles before I spotted them at the little store selling unusual products (along with a lot of Patanjali stuff) near the Hwealth Cafe in HSR Layout, Bangalore. There were some really interesting variants – like wood apple, sweet lemon and turmeric pickle – and I absolutely had to pick a few of them up.

The Shreya pickles that I bought – bitter gourd, wood apple, sweet lemon, turmeric root and tamarind chutney

I loved every single one of the pickles I bought! They tasted homely, not dunked in oil or overloaded with chilly powder and salt, the way some store-bought pickles do. They tasted fresh and nice and delicious, with no artificial or chemical smell to them. The best thing about these pickles, I felt, is that they come in little packages that you can empty in a few days’ time, unlike those that come in big glass bottles that you buy, but then don’t seem to get over endlessly.

Apparently, these pickles are made in Pune, Maharashtra, in the Maharashtrian way of making pickles. Lip-smacking! I am so going to try out all the other delish stuff they have on offer! One grouse, though, is that the labelling is only in Marathi, a tad tough to read for people who aren’t fluent in Hindi. I wish that could be changed and English labelling also included, to make the product acceptable to a wider audience – I so vouch for their taste and the homeliness, otherwise!

Price: All of these packets of pickle were priced between INR 25 to INR 35, which is highly reasonable, considering the quality and taste involved.

That’s that for now, folks!

What have your little discoveries at the grocery store been like recently? Tell me all about them!


  1. I do not normally buy or recommend the buying of packaged, processed stuff, like I was saying in the beginning of the post. I do, however, get tempted by such products and, sometimes, give in to my temptations. Most of these products, though, are one-time buys and not items on my regular shopping list. I would urge you to use your own discretion before you buy these or similar products.
  2. The views expressed herein are entirely my own, not influenced by anything or anyone. I do not stand to receive any kind of gain by recommending any of these products to you.
  3. Each of the products mentioned above were purchased and paid for by me in entirety, personally.

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