Luxury Italian Modular Kitchens By Stosa Cucine, Now In Bangalore!

I was recently present at my first event for the year 2017, the launch of Stosa Cucine, luxury Italian modular kitchen store, at Jayanagar in Bangalore. Little did I know, when I accepted the invite to attend the event, that I would end up not only gawping at some gorgeous, gorgeous kitchens, but also gorging on some very beautiful food.

The venue, all decked up

About Stosa Cucine:

Stosa Cucine is an Italian firm that specialises in creating luxury modular kitchens of the finest quality, customised to your home and your tastes and preferences. The firm, with a 50-year-old legacy, has now entered the Bangalore market, after having a strong presence in several other Indian sites, including Indore and Rajasthan.

Stosa Cucine operates in collaboration with Mirius Interni in India, aiming at providing a complete kitchen solution to Indian families. The launch party of Stosa Cucine in Bangalore was organised by Mirius Interni, in association with Good Homes India magazine.

The philosophy by which Stosa Cucine abides

The launch party

The launch party was very well organised, with some extremely beautiful decor. It showcased some of Stosa Cucine’s best kitchen designs, like Maya and Infinity Diagonal. Each one of the kitchens we saw at the launch was simply beautiful, executed perfectly, with some cleverly designed instruments.

Once you get in touch with Stosa Cucine with a request to do up your kitchen, the team comes and inspects your home. Then, within the range of your budget (the luxury kitchens are priced upwards of INR 3.5 lakh), the team designs a kitchen for you that is in harmony with the rest of your home and staying true to your personal tastes and preferences. They assure the use of the finest-quality fittings and materials.

One of the luxury kitchens by Stosa Cucine, on display at the launch party

There’s something for everyone with Stosa Cucine – for those who would love a farmhouse-style kitchen, those who would love a kitchen with stark and clean lines, and for those who desire a pop of colour in their kitchens.

I gawped and gawped and gawped at this kitchen – totally my style!
Another luxury kitchen on display, for those who love colour!

Post the grand ribbon cutting, the food and home decor bloggers present at the venue were explained, very patiently, by the Stosa Cucine team, about the firm’s design and work philosophy.

In conversation with Ashita Parmar, the COO of Mirius Interni
The Stosa Cucine team, including Mr. Leonardo Sani, Export-Sales Director – Stosa Cucine, who came down from Italy for the occasion

While the speeches and ribbon-cutting were in progress, we bloggers got to gorge on some very lovely appetisers.

Some of the appetisers at the launch party

We were thrilled to know that the appetisers and (later) dinner was catered by Broadway – The Gourmet Theatre of HSR Layout, Bangalore, an eatery that has been making news in the foodie circuit of late and which I have been dying to try out. Chef Tanvi of Broadway stuck to an Italian theme for the appetisers and dinner, of course! 🙂 We also had the pleasure of meeting the very humble Chef Tanvi.

The food was finger-licking lovely, as were the desserts. We loved the live pasta counter at the venue, and the cute little carts on which the food was presented!

Stosa Cucine contact details:


770, 10th Main, Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore 560011
099201 01200

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  1. freakyveggie says:

    I just kept staring at those awesome kitchens and drooling at those foods 🙂

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