Lunch At Sector 7 Cafe, HSR Layout

After hearing several rave reviews about Sector 7 Cafe, an eatery that opened up in HSR Layout in 2016, the husband and I decided to go and check out the place last weekend. Here is an account of our experience.

Location and ambience

The cafe is located in Sector 7, HSR Layout (that’s where it gets its name from!). The location is posh, and the cafe is quite easy to find.

The ambience of the place is warm and welcoming, youthful and fun. It is done up simply but tastefully, with bits and pieces of quirk here and there.

Check out the wall art!

There are rope lights, candle holders, a book shelf, a sort-of brick wall, a black board, and other little knick-knacks to make the experience of eating here interesting.

What I loved the most about this cafe is the light filtering into it. This is no dark and dingy cafe; this is one bright and sunny cafe that will lift your spirits instantly.

Part of the dining area at Sector 7 Cafe

The cafe has 15-20 tables in total, one of which is in a little balcony, overlooking the road below and some greenery. I lost my heart to this ‘romantic’ table – it was occupied when we visited, but I do want to sit there some other day. 🙂

The ‘romantic’ table that I have my eyes on


The cafe serves continental food, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. It is a popular hot-spot among youngsters for its all-day breakfast, particularly over the weekends.


We weren’t in the mood for an elaborate lunch the day we visited the cafe, but wanted something simple. So, we opted for a Veggie Delight pizza, a plate of Pasta Arrabiata, and a Virgin Mojito.

Veggie Delight Pizza at Sector 7

The pizza was a thin-crust one, well done and loaded with veggies. That said, we didn’t find the sauce very flavourful. The pizza wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t mind-blowing, either.

Pasta Arrabiata at Sector 7

The Pasta Arrabiata, though, was a whole different story. The pasta was well done, the sauce was delish, and there was a hint of lovely Parmesan cheese on top, which didn’t overpower the dish, but added to it. We loved the pasta!

Virgin Mojito at Sector 7

The Virgin Mojito, too, was lovely. It wasn’t too sugary or too sweet or too watery, like we have encountered at some other places. It was just perfect.

The cafe does have a small selection of desserts, but we decided to skip that.


We thought the prices here are mid-range, not too exorbitant. We paid a total of about INR 650 for our meal, taxes included.

Our bill!

And, yes, the bill came in a cute little bucket that we adored!


Service was good. The wait staff were friendly, courteous and helpful.

My verdict

We liked most of the few things we ordered here, and would definitely like to go back to try out more from the menu. Sadly, though, the ‘Vegetarian’ section of the menu leaves a lot to be desired. There are just a few options for vegetarians like us, and I wish that is improved upon in the times to come.

The ambience of the place, the decor, has us bowled over. Prices aren’t bad either. The only deterrent for us from visiting this place frequently is the limited vegetarian options.


This meal was paid for us personally, in entirety. I do not stand to receive any kind of gain by recommending this eatery to you. The views expressed herein are entirely my own, not influenced by anything or anyone.



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  1. shiviphoenix says:

    May be my next visit with The Husband… Thanku for the review..

    1. @Shiviphoenix

      You are welcome! 🙂

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