Recent Foodie Hits & Misses

Ice Cream Sandwich At Nutty Squirrel, VR Bengaluru

The husband and I were in VR Bengaluru mall, near Marathahalli, to see the Christmas decorations, and that is where we spotted this cute little ice cream outlet called Nutty Squirrel. I remembered a foodie friend of mine telling me about the ‘ice cream sandwiches’ that he enjoyed at this very place, and so we decided to give it a shot too.

Vanilla Sandwich at Nutty Squirrel

We tried out their Vanilla Sandwich, because the husband is a big fan of vanilla ice cream. The ice cream was super duper fresh and tasted lovely, and it came sandwiched between two brownie wafers. The wafer was a little tough to break into and a tad too bitter to eat on its own, but the wafer and ice cream together made for a lovely combination.

Apparently, they also serve sandwiches with other bases – like brandy snap tacos, cookies and cinnamon doodles – and I can’t wait to try them out!

Chikkoo & Cheddar Ice Cream at Nutty Squirrel

Next up, we ordered a Chikkoo & Cheddar ice cream, which was, again, very fresh and delish. I could taste the chikkoo in it, but there was no hint of the cheddar.

They do have some really interesting flavours of ice cream on offer, such as Pudina, Salted Pistachio, Peanut Butter & Banana, and Dark Chocolate With Chilli. Apart from this, they also have some nice-sounding milkshakes. I am surely going back to this place to get my hands on these flavours and milkshakes!

These two delicacies we sampled at Nutty Squirrel cost us about INR 300.

Momo Sizzler at Wow! Momo, Phoenix Market City

A while ago, we tried out some zany momo innovations – like a momo burger and a chocolate momo – at the Wow! Momo outlet in Marathahalli. This particular outlet didn’t have the momo sizzler that I was eager to try out. I was thrilled when I finally found the sizzler at the Wow! Momo outlet in the food court at Phoenix Market City, Whitefield.

Veggie Momo Sizzler at Wow! Momo, Phoenix Market City

We opted for a Veggie Momo Sizzler which, sadly, turned out to be highly disappointing.Β  The bed of noodles and roasted vegetables the momos were served with were bland and tasteless. The momos lacked flavour, too.

I am not sure if the sizzler would have been equally disappointing had we tried it out at another location, but this one sure was bad. A big-time miss for us!

The momo sizzler cost us around INR 250.

Choco Blast Waffle At Waffle Stories, Orion Mall

Neither the husband nor I are fond of the two big sensations in the dessert world right about now – waffles and doughnuts. We have tried them out a few times, and haven’t really grown fond of them. That said, when we came across this outlet in the food court at Orion Mall, Rajajinagar, called Waffle Stories, selling a variety of waffles, we were tempted to try at least one out.

We chose a Choco Blast Waffle.

Choco Blast Waffle at Waffle Stories, Orion Mall

The waffle came loaded with warm chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream and chocolate chips, dusted with powdered sugar. It tasted delicious, in spite of the eggy flavour of the waffle (which was as it should be, of course!). There wasn’t much of a ‘choco blast’, though.

Our non-love for waffles notwithstanding, I think we will still be giving the other types of waffles here a taste.

The Choco Blast Waffle cost us around INR 200.


I have never had an ice cream sandwich before, nor a momo sizzler. So, these two make it to the list of seemingly crazy food stuff we try out!

You might also be interested in reading about the other wacky things we have tried out so far: Doodh cola, chocolate with sea salt, momo burger and chocolate momo, chandan sherbet, dark chocolate sandwich, ice cream chaat, bhoo chakra gadde, rasgulla chaat, chilli chocolate, fried ice cream, and paper sweet.:)

Disclaimer: Each of the dishes mentioned in this post were bought and paid for by us, personally. I don’t stand to receive any sort of gain by recommending or not recommending these to you.


7 thoughts on “Recent Foodie Hits & Misses

  1. We go to VR and Phoenix mall at least once a month πŸ™‚ Have not tried Nutty Squirrel before but I would love to try it out now after reading your experience. In Phoenix mall, sadly the food quality has been dwindling rapidly. Due to the large demand, everything is rushed. And then, there is this mentality that people would eat anything and everything (sadly that is also true, for there are no other options) While I have not tried out Momo sizzlers, I am sure it would be a tad bit better at other locations. Have you tried Sbarro’s pizzas at Phoenix? They have been maintaining the quality and taste very well.


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