Reflecting On Christmas 2016: Gorging On Plum Cake From Fatima’s

Regular readers of this blog will know that it is another Christmas-time tradition in our family (apart from gawping at the beautiful decorations in malls across the city, that is) to eat plum cake (as fruit cake is called in this part of the world!). The OH and I love trying out plum cakes from bakeries, old and new, across Bangalore this time of the year, comparing and contrasting. We have some favourite haunts by now, but that doesn’t stop us from experimenting with plum cakes and bakers. 🙂

This time around, we went for the plum cake from Fatima’s, for the first ever time, after having heard a whole lot about it from some fellow food bloggers. The little round-shaped plum cake that we bought was absolutely worth the INR 300 we paid for it. It is moist, dense, rich with orange peel and nuts and other candied fruit, beautiful in taste. It is a wee bit more sweet than is required, as per me, but I am not complaining – it isn’t cloyingly so. It is amazingly fresh, too.picmonkey-collage

I wouldn’t say I haven’t had better plum cakes than this, but this is just lovely. We are loving gorging on this rum-filled delight, slice by slice, every night post dinner.

Where do you guys get your plum cake from?


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