A Peek Into Currylicious, The New Outlet At Orion Mall, Rajajinagar

I was recently offered the opportunity to sample the food at Currylicious, a recently opened outlet in Orion Mall. Here is my account of the experience at the eatery.

Location and ambience

Currylicious already has a presence in Elements Mall, Nagawara, and in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. They have recently launched their third outlet in Bangalore, in Orion Mall, Rajajinagar. The mall itself needs no introduction, I am sure.

This particular Currylicious outlet is a small stall in the mall’s food court, therefore not boasting of much of an ambience. One needs to pick up one’s food from the counter, and sit at any of the tables in the food court. I happened to visit the place on a weekend, when the counter was crowded with customers. Though the staff was managing the counter well, I had a tough time ferrying the trays of food to our table, dodging the crowds, a few times over.

Currylicious serves hand-picked South Indian delicacies, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. There’s mostly food from Goa, Chettinad, Mangalore and Kerala. From what I hear, the place is a haven for lovers of non-vegetarian food, but I was there to sample the vegetarian part of the menu.

Food and drinks

First up, I went for a Mushroom & Babycorn Pepper Fry from the ‘Starters’.

Mushroom & Babycorn Pepper Fry

The starter turned out to be a beautifully done, very South Indian fry redolent with the smells of pepper and curry leaf. I loved it, though the level of spice in it was a wee bit more than what I like in my food.

I also sampled the only two drinks they had on offer – spiced buttermilk and lemon juice – and found both to be well done. The buttermilk was cool, lightly spiced and flavourful, neither too watery nor too thick, just the way I like it. The lemon juice was quite refreshing, too.

Vegetarian thali at Currylicious

Then, I chose their Vegetarian Thali, which comes with a chapati, rice, mixed vegetable fritters, a Chettinad-style gravy-based curry, salad, pickle, another simple curry, and a Mangalore-style ghassi. Of these, I loved the fritters (they were really lovely!) and the simple cabbage curry that was served the day we visited. Both the Chettinad curry and the Mangalore ghassi were too oily and spicy for my taste, but still flavourful. The rice was well cooked, unlike the half-boiled rice served at most eateries. The chapati was okay, and could have been better done, I felt.

Post this, I ordered a Neer Dosa-Mangalore Vegetarian Ghassi combo plate.

Neer Dosa-Vegetarian Ghassi combo at Currylicious

The neer dosa was nice, done exactly the way it is supposed to be. Like I said earlier, though, I didn’t like the Mangalore ghassi that was served with the dosas. There was also a portion of sambar, which was, again, too oily and spicy for my taste.

Then, I decided to try out their Alleppey-style raw mango-based bhindi curry, with some chapatis.

Alleppey-style raw mango-based bhindi curry at Currylicious, served with chapatis

Again, the chapatis were okay, not too bad but not great either. The curry was tasty, though a tad too oily for me.

I would have loved some dessert after all that oily, spicy food but, sadly, the eatery doesn’t serve them. I think this is one thing they should definitely look into.


The prices of food here are mid-range. A meal for two would cost between INR 500 and INR 700.

My thoughts

Overall, I think I had an average experience with the food I chose at Currylicious. I speak only about the dishes I tasted here, though, I reiterate, and only from the ‘Vegetarian’ section of the menu. Also, in general, Chettinad food is supposed to be spicy, and there’s the fact that I don’t love very spicy food.

I might not be opting for meals here again, but I would definitely love to check out the other starters here. They have a very interesting ‘Banana Flower Cutlet’ that I would love to try out the next time I am here.


I was invited to sample the menu at Currylicious free of cost, in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts expressed here are entirely my own, not influenced by anything or anyone. I do not stand to receive any kind of gain by recommending or not recommending this eatery to you.


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