Happy Lunching At Forklore, The New Bistro In Town

A while ago, I was part of a bloggers’ table at the newly opened Forklore Bistro in Koramangala. We were invited to lunch at the eatery, to sample the food and drinks on their menu. Here are my impressions about the place.

The Back Story

Forklore is a family-run business, started by a lovely couple, Sanjay and Trupti. Sanjay is a musician, in charge of the music at Forklore and the overall look (of course!), while Trupti is the head chef in Forklore’s kitchen.

Sanjay and Trupti returned to India after a stint in the USA, came across this old house in Koramangala, and decided that they just needed to get their hands on it. They bought the place, renovated it, decorated it with quirky odds and ends, and launched the eatery they had always dreamt of launching. That is how Forklore came into being. Charming, right?

Sanjay and Trupti interacting with us, bloggers

The eatery’s name, Forklore, is a play on the word ‘Folklore’, signifying its intent to become ‘lore’ (i.e. talk of the town) thanks to the power of the ‘fork’. The ‘lore’ in the name also signifies ‘Bangalore’.

The bistro is a new entrant in town, only about four months old, but it has already received some rave reviews. We, sort of, figured out how within a few minutes of entering Folklore and walking around the place. By the time we were done with our lunch there, we were sure why.


The bistro mostly serves Continental and Mediterranean fare, and is famous for its sangrias and hearty breakfasts and brunches. It has recently started a Sangria Festival, where you buy one sangria and get one absolutely free.

It serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.


Forklore is located on the hip-and-happening 80-Feet Road in Koramangala, in the midst of a whole lot of other eateries. It is quite easy to locate and to commute to.


We were struck by the charm of the decor the minute we walked into Forklore. Like I said earlier, it is a house converted into a bistro, done up with quirky furniture and odds and ends. A lot of plants add to the effect. The end result is quaint, a lovely place that emanates a warm and friendly vibe.

Part of the indoor seating at Forklore

When we visited, Forklore was decked up for Christmas, and looked all the more gorgeous!

The Christmas tree!

The eatery is a medium-sized place, with outdoor as well as indoor seating.

The outdoor seating area, done up for Christmas. Would be amazing on a summer evening or an overcast winter afternoon!

Forklore surely is the kind of place that you’d like to bring a date to, or where you’d like to hang out with your close friends. I surely am going to do just that!

The bistro plays some lovely retro music, all thanks to Sanjay, which takes you back in time.

Food And Drinks

As if we weren’t charmed enough by the bistro already, the food and drinks came in and charmed us some more. I’m not exaggerating – most of the stuff we were served was absolutely beautiful!

What is even better is that there is a decent selection for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.


First up, we were served some pancakes.

The non-vegetarians had the Maple Bacon Pancakes, while the vegetarians were served their Smurf Pancakes (with white chocolate and blueberry spread!), Chocolate Pancakes, and Carrot And Spring Onion Savoury Pancakes. Every single one was much loved. I, not a great fan of pancakes myself, loved the savoury ones.

On the left, Carrot And Spring Onion Savoury Pancakes. On the top right are the Smurf Pancakes, and on the bottom right are the Chocolate Pancakes.


Then came the sangrias! Yours truly had the Virgin Sangria (yes, such a thing exists!), which she loved to bits. All the other alcohol-based sangrias were thoroughly enjoyed, too, especially the Red Dirt Girl and Fruity Booty.

On the left, Virgin Sangria with pomegranate, blueberry and spiced punch. On the top right is Fruity Booty, and Red Dirt Girl is on the bottom right.


While we sipped our respective sangrias, we were served an assortment of starters from the menu.

The non-vegetarians loved the Fried Calamari, Chicken Satay, and Pan-Seared Fish. The vegetarians amongst us got lucky because they got to lay their hands on such gorgeousness as Chilli Cheese Fries (heavenly!), Lettuce Cups (a house specialty), and Sweet Potato Fries.

On the left is a plate of Chilli Cheese Fries. On the top right is a Lettuce Cup (the vegetarian version) and on the bottom right is a plate of Sweet Potato Fries.

I loved, loved, loved the Chilli Cheese Fries – they were cheesy and full of spice and just lovely, quite unlike the lame things I have had in the name of Chilli or Cheese Fries elsewhere.

My most favourite starter, though, would be the Vegetarian Lettuce Cups – cups made of lettuce, served with falafel, hummus, olives and ricotta. What loveliness!

Mini sliders and quesadillas

Next came some mini sliders and quesadillas.

The Chicken Quesadillas and Nutty Mushroom Mini Slider went on to become huge hits with everyone. I liked the two vegetarian dishes in this category – the Chilli Spinach And Mushroom Quesadilla With Goat And Cheddar Cheese and the Nutty Mushroom Mini Slider – but they didn’t win my heart.

On the left is the Nutty Mushroom Mini Slider. On the top right are the Spinach And Mushroom Quesadillas, and on the bottom right are the Chicken Quesadillas.

Main Course

Then came the main course!

The non-vegetarians went gaga over the Beef Steak and Pulled Pork Pizza. The vegetarians went equally gaga over the Hawaiian Pizza and the Mujaddara.

On the left is the Beef Steak. On the top right is the Hawaiian Pizza, and on the bottom right is the Mujaddara

The Hawaiian Pizza was just glorious – the pineapple and in-house BBQ sauce used in it made the taste top-notch. Honestly, this has to be one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had! I couldn’t keep my eyes and hands off it!

The Mujaddara – a Lebanese preparation that uses rice, lentils and caramelised onions – was simply beautiful. It was so light and perfectly done, yet so tasty and wholesome. And the name ‘Mujaddara’- ah! This is something I have absolutely got to learn how to make at home!

We were also served an Aglio e Olio (vegetarian), which was good, but didn’t really bowl me over.

The Aglio e Olio


By this time, all of us were way too full and threatening to sleep at the table, but, of course, we couldn’t leave without trying out the desserts!

Folklore has four, very different, desserts on its menu. We were served all four of them.

Extreme left – Holly Berries, Centre – Monk In The Middle, Top Right – Strawberry Fields Forever, Bottom Right – Chocolate Cheese Cake

Monk In The Middle – with its centre full of Old Monk – went on to be an instant hit with everyone. It was too rum-my for someone like me, who doesn’t drink, though.

My personal favourite was Strawberry Fields Forever, which was a light, slightly tangy dessert topped with strawberry sauce. The walnut-hung curd mixture that made up the dessert took the flavour to a whole new level. And, of course, I cannot not love that beautiful, romantic, poetic name!

The Chocolate Cheesecake was too chocolate-ey, even for a chocolate lover like me.

The Holly Berries was good, somewhat similar to Strawberry Fields Forever, but not as ‘Wow!’.

Every single thing that was put on our table – from the starters and the sliders to the main course and the desserts – was plated so very beautifully. Full marks for presentation!


Considering the ambience of the place and the top-notch quality of the food and drinks (not to forget, finger-licking delish!), the prices here are on the higher side. A meal for two at the bistro would cost around INR 1500, including a starter, two main course dishes and a dessert.


Folklore Bistro is such a charming, happy place it is easy to fall in love with. The food is beautiful, priced well too. What more do you need out of an eatery?!


I lunched at the bistro free of cost, along with a group of other food bloggers, by invitation, in exchange for an honest review. The views expressed herein are entirely my own, and not influenced by anyone. Forklore really is the kind of place I would love to frequent, with or without my loved ones, and I do plan to do exactly that in the times to come. I do not stand to any kind of gain by recommending this eatery to you.


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