Healthy Eating At Vaho Kafe, Bannerghatta Road

I was recently invited to sample the food at Vaho Kafe on Bannerghatta Road, a very new eatery in town. The place prides itself on offering healthy, but delicious food, at reasonable prices.

Vaho Kafe is located bang opposite the IIM-B campus, making it very easy to find. The place is small, though, with only a few tables and chairs laid out. Inside, the atmosphere is mess-like, and there’s no ambience to speak of. That said, the restaurant aims at providing quick, healthy bites to its patrons, and isn’t heavily invested on the ambience.

The inside of Vaho Kafe

The eatery has a limited menu, which keeps changing every day. Typically, the menu here consists of a wholesome salad, freshly pressed juices (without any added sugar), and global and Indian thalis (the former containing international dishes, the latter containing Indian dishes). Most of the food on the menu here has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Everything on the menu is priced below INR 150.

The menu at Vaho Kafe, the day we visited

First up, we sampled the Indian Combo Meal, which came with two spiced rotis, raita, red chutney, green curry, daal tadka, jeera rice, and a broken wheat kheer. The green curry wasn’t great, but everything else tasted good.

Vegetarian Indian Thali at Vaho Kafe

We also sampled a Global Combo Meal, which consisted of a cold bean salad, fried rice, Thai red curry, a hot salad, and broken wheat kheer. I liked everything this thali had to offer; I especially loved the Thai red curry, which was beautifully done. The fried rice was made the healthy way, with no sauces or colours added to it. The salad was healthy, too, and it didn’t have loads of dressing in it, as is common in most other eateries. The broken wheat kheer was the same as the one served in the Indian Combo Meal, tastefully done.

Global Vegetarian Thali at Vaho Kafe

Next, we sampled a coupe of their freshly pressed juices – Watermelon and Pineapple – which were prepared right in front of us. Like I said before, there was no added sugar in the juices. The watermelon juice had a slightly greasy smell to it, but the pineapple juice was simply beautiful. Both juices were very fresh and refreshing to drink. The presentation of the juices was cute, too, in little glass bottles.

Freshly pressed pineapple juice (left) and watermelon juice (right) at Vaho Kafe


1. The food here is really healthy and easy on the pocket. The eatery can, thus, be a boon to working professionals and students nearby.

2. We heard there are healthy sizzlers in the offing too, but we didn’t spot any on the menu the day we visited. Now, that is surely something I would love to try, and which can be a huge draw for diet-conscious foodies.

3. Unlike other eateries, this place makes its salads, juices and food in a wholesome manner. No-sugar juices and no-dressing salads are tough to find, so kudos to Vaho Kafe for trying to fill in this very crucial gap in the restaurant world for health-conscious foodies.

4. It would be great if different desserts were served as part of the Indian and Global Combo Meals.

5. The place isn’t high on ambience, so please don’t visit expecting any. I would suggest visiting the eatery for its healthy, pocket-friendly food, rather, if you are in the immediate vicinity.

6. The portion sizes in the thalis are carefully measured out, each thali serving healthy proportions of food to suit one person. If you are anything like me, though, you will need about 1-1/2 thali and a juice to fill you up.


I was invited to sample the food at this eatery, free of cost, in exchange for an honest review. The views expressed herein are entirely my own, and not influenced by anyone. I don’t stand to gain anything by recommending this place.


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