Calcutta Diaries: Of Hogging Street-Side Jhal Muri

Photographing jhal muri in a cone made out of a Bengali newspaper, in Calcutta, has been a silly little dream of mine for as long as I can remember. And, of course, the dream included the eating of the said jhal muri too. :)

I am happy to report the coming true of this little dream on our recent Calcutta visit. Street-side jhal muri – check, Calcutta – check, Bengali newspaper – check, deliciousness – check.


We chose a vendor near New Market to sample our first jhal muri in Calcutta – and it turned out to be our only sampling of the same as well.

The jhal muri was beautiful, with just the right amount of mustard oil in it, not too less and not too overpowering either. I had never thought I would enjoy a confection with pieces of coconut and mustard oil in it so much, but I did! And, this guy added some mustard-oil-y pickle to it too, which tasted just gorgeous!


I have had jhal muri in Bangalore before, but didn’t like it much. Now, I know why. Those plates of jhal muri were so underwhelming, so not right, so not the real thing.

I can’t wait to try my hands out at making jhal muri at home. Will I get the taste right? Only time can tell.


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5 thoughts on “Calcutta Diaries: Of Hogging Street-Side Jhal Muri

  1. This jhalmuri is a very big hit in the railways too. They serve it with a slice of coconut and as a child I have always asked for an extra. They charge extra these days for an extra. I am grown up, I understand. The thinnest slice of coconut i would say. I would travel in train to Bankura, my native every durgapuja only get a taste of this jhalmuri.

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