Cake Mixing Ceremony At Sheraton Grand, Bangalore

It is not even Diwali yet, and it is already beginning to feel like Christmas for us. We have two very Christmas-sy goodie bags lying in our kitchen, and my camera smells of cinnamon and spice. My mind is full of festive cheer. All thanks to attending The Grand Cake Mixing Ceremony at Sheraton Grand, Brigade Gateway, Rajajinagar, yesterday.

The husband and I have always wanted to attend a Christmas cake mixing, but never had the opportunity to. Till yesterday, when we got to know of this event, and then, just had to go. What a lovely, lovely, lovely experience it turned out to be! Donned in an apron, with a Santa cap perched on our heads, gloves on our hands, we – along with about 20 other guests and hotel staff – mixed about 450 kg (yes, you read that right!) of dried and candied fruits and nuts with alcohol, ginger, orange peel, jam and sugar. We put our hands in and mixed, mixed, mixed. We used paddle oars. We went all out and then piled up the mixed fruit and nuts in containers, to let them soak till Christmas time, when they would be baked into fruit cake and other festive goodies. All the while we were mixing, we gorged on the pizza and burgers and Christmas cookies and fruit juice, refreshments that had been arranged for the ‘Santa’s elves’.

We loved the experience so very much, we would do it all over again, in a heartbeat!

I leave you with pictures from the event, for your viewing pleasure.

That’s nearly 450 kg of fruit and nut, waiting to be mixed!
Part of the alcohol that was poured onto the waiting fruit and nuts
Christmas Delight – a refreshing drink for the participants
Mini burgers!
The mixing begins!
Adding fruit jam, orange peel and sugar
Paddling away!
Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix!
Adding more alcohol to the mix!
A drone watching over the proceedings
More mixing!
Storing the mixed up dried fruit and nuts
The fruit and nuts, done and dusted!
Chocolate crinkle cookies  to take home – goodie bags for the participants
The Christmas goodies that Sheraton Grand will be selling – you can pre-book whatever you want right now!
More Christmas goodies on offer – the best part is, part of the proceeds from the sale of these goodies will go to charity

Interesting, right?


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