Scenes From Durga Pujo 2016

This year was the first ever time we went Durga Pujo ‘pandal hopping’, if visiting three pandals can be called that at all.  We visited the pandals at the RBNAMS Grounds, Ulsoor, as well as the ones by Barsha and Eisha at HSR Layout and, I must say, it was quite an experience.

We felt the pull of Durga Ma – I don’t know how else to put it in words. From the foodie perspective, we got to hog on a whole lot of Bengali delicacies, some for the first ever time, including lovely Kolkata-style puchkas. I also managed to pick up some lovely Kantha work blouse pieces that I hope to see in action soon! 🙂

Here are some pics from our Durga Pujo 2016 celebrations, for your viewing pleasure.

The pandal at the RBNAMS Grounds
A stall selling pretty, pretty papier mache stuff at Eisha’s Durga Pujo pandal, HSR Layout
Aloor dum and peas kochuri at the RBNAMS Grounds – my, what an explosion of flavour that aloor dum was!
Nolen gurer rosogulla at the RBNAMS Grounds – again, gorgeous!
Calcutta-style Maghai paan at the RBNAMS Grounds – super duper!
Mishti doi in an earthen pot at the RBNAMS Grounds – whattey loveliness this was! I could literally taste the flavour of the earthen pot in the doi!
My kala khatta, orange and raw mango ice gola at the RBNAMS Grounds. It was as hot as a summer’s day when we visited, and this chatpata iciness helped a whole lot!
The Pujo pandal by Barsha at HSR Layout

A few of my Bengali friends pointed out that most of the food in Bangalore Pujo pandals like these is usually substandard in quality and taste, and overpriced. I haven’t had the opportunity to try out authentic Bengali fare, in Calcutta or elsewhere, everywhere. For me, this was as close to Calcutta as I can get, for now, in Bangalore. To me, every single thing we tried out was delicious. I can’t wait to experience the real Calcutta, but for now, this has to do. And, it did do very well for us, I would say.

If you haven’t yet gone pandal hopping (especially if you are in Bangalore), I would strongly urge you to. The vibes of the pandals will surely leave you moved and fill you with a festive spirit. Don’t miss out on all that lovely food, too!

What have you been doing, this Navratri/ Durga Pujo/ Vijayadashami/ Ayudha Pooja? Tell me all about it!


13 thoughts on “Scenes From Durga Pujo 2016

  1. I know what some people mean when they say “real deal”. I used to be so happy with rasgullas in Mysore until I ate the huge soft melt-in-your-mouth roshagullas in Calcutta 🙂 But hey, when we don’t have a yardstick, we enjoy everything and that’s the best part! 🙂
    I have never ever pandal hopped which is sad coz I am married to a Bengali 😛 Maybe someday. It feels like people are getting nostalgic about it not happening anymore and in the end are making efforts to be part of it – which is great 🙂


    1. @Kismitoffeebar

      Being married to a Bengali, you must have access to all that glorious food and sarees from Bengal, no? 🙂 And all that art! Everyone from there sounds like a poet! 🙂

      Yes, you are so right. When you don’t have a yardstick to measure something by, you go into it with an open heart and mind. That’s exactly how it was for us, with regards to food at Durga Pujo pandals.


      1. Ha ha 🙂 Yes, I do have access to a lot of wonderful saris especially the ones that my Bengali Oriya mum (in-law) has – those lovely Sambalpuri saris have my heart. But I have just one mainly because I don’t want to buy and keep them away in a cupboard. I have to find some way to wear them more here in Singapore. You are right, Bengal has a charm. I always feel like the conversations I have with them are always interspersed with so much passion and draw from arts and sciences and just worldly observations. It is perhaps true for most cultures and maybe we are primed to think so, but the fact remains 🙂


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