Decked Up With Golu Dolls: Jayanagar Market

We love, love, love the old-world market in Jayanagar! It has never failed to amaze me – with its colours and smells and hustle and bustle, with its ability to keep abreast of the latest of fashions, with its way of showing how the old can effortlessly co-exist with the new.

We noticed a huge number of golu dolls on display, at various stalls in the market yesterday, while running an errand. I was fascinated by all of it, and couldn’t resist whipping out my camera and clicking away.

I found myself wishing I knew more about Indian mythology, especially Tamil, so that I could understand each of the dolls on display. It also had me wishing we had a golu at home every year, just so I could pick up some of these colourful, gorgeous beauties. What works of art they were! And, you know what? The dolls here weren’t just any golu dolls – there was just about every kind of doll imaginable on display here, from breastfeeding mothers and vegetable vendors to couples getting married and Kumbhakarna sleeping! Yes! See for yourself!

Here are some of my snaps of the Jayanagar market’s golu doll stalls.

I simply loved the expression of peace and contentment on Mirabai’s face!
Rajasthani couple – aren’t they just adorable?
I couldn’t be happier to see this beautiful doll of a mother breastfeeding her child – such a natural, essential part of our society, yet so little talked about!
A Marathi bride, I think. I loved the way she has been depicted here!
Rama dolls!
Kumbhakarna sleeping away to glory! Cute, right? Brought a smile to my face, all right.
The famous Mahabharata scene
Not sure what this doll depicts, but I loved it nonetheless!
There were all these little Krishnas hanging from the air – whattay sight it was!
Ladies washing clothes, bathing and filling water at a hand pump. Beautifully done!
A lady grinding spices in her kitchen, using an old-fashioned mortar and pestle
The cheerful vegetable vendor
Andal, I guess. I was super-duper fascinated by this doll!
Simply loved this lady-peeking-out-of-her-door!
Baby Krishna being carried to safety
Chettiar and Chettichi bommai – I have a special soft corner for these dolls!
I have no clue about what these dolls are, sadly, but I was fascinated by them nonetheless.
Mommy cow and baby cow!
Ramar Seeta kalyanam – i.e. Rama and Seeta’s wedding
Cute, cute, cute little Krishna stealing butter out of his mother’s pots and pans!
Another doll that I was utterly fascinated by, in spite of having no clue about it at all

That’s it for now, folks!

I would have loved to have gawped endlessly at these treasures, click a lot more pictures, and, maybe, even buy a couple of them, but couldn’t manage more than this. That said, I am super glad to have caught at least this glimpse of the Jayanagar market all decked up for Dassera. It was a gorgeous sight, I would say. A great time to visit the market, I would add, armed with your cameras, of course!


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  1. The one you have no clue about is Kamadenu. The cow that fulfills every human need. We have a painting at home 🙂 Golu is really beautiful. After many years of celebrating elaborate golus in Madras, I’m looking forward to setting up a kutti one here 🙂

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