This morning, I was leisurely strolling around near our house, my head down, when some bright red objects in the sand below a tree caught my attention. I bent closer to look and discovered that they were ‘gundumani’, those beautiful red seeds that I used to collect in hordes in my childhood at Law Garden. My, did I love playing with them? A host of childhood memories came flooding back. I couldn’t resist picking up a few of these lovelies and bringing them home.

A bit of research told me that these are the seeds of the plant scientifically called Abrus Precatorius, and that they have a wide range of uses.

Once Bubboo is older by a few years (old enough not to pop the seeds into her mouth), I would love to teach her how to play with them. For now, I post a picture of these beautiful gundumani on my blog, because I think they are well suited to the theme for today, ‘Beautiful’,Β  on the Fat Mum Slim December Photo-A-Day Challenge.

Do you have fond memories of playing with gundumani too?


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  1. greenboochi says:

    I remember seeing these, but very vaguely. I do remember playing with seeds – my favorite being a big long seed that had sub compartments, which when shaken would give ‘chiclets’ kind of a sound.

    1. @Greenboochi

      I don’t think I have seen the kind of seed that you mention here. 😦

      1. greenboochi says:

        Let me see if I can get a picture somewhere πŸ™‚

      2. @Greenboochi

        Sure, would love to see it. Thanks!

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